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I Care Air Care offers a complete range of quality Heating Services and Products in order to meet your every need. We want you to be comfortable in your home. That means when your HVAC system needs attention, we’re going to be there for you every time.
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We make sure that our company can handle any issue that comes along. It means our heating technicians go through all the training they need to work on any make or model of air conditioning or heating system you may have installed or want to install in your home.

We offer numerous services to make sure that you stay warm when you need to:

  • Heating Repairs
  • Heating Installation
  • Heating Tune-Ups
  • Furnace Repairs and Replacement
  • Heat Pumps Service and Installation

Same – Day Service • 7 – Days a Week

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Heating Repairs

New or replacement heating is a serious investment in your comfort. That’s why we take our product recommendations and installations seriously. We recommend the top products of Trane, Goodman and Lennox, all of which have a strong line-up of models and features that will allow us to work within your budget.

Our commitment is to reliability: Home Heating Systems with installations you can rely on. Customers have been relying on our consistent service to this area for years.


Home Heating Systems

Home Heating Systems can often be installed efficiently and safely in one full day because we bring exceptional installation experience to your home or business. Our experience also benefits you when we help choose the system that fits you – and your budget – one that will pay for itself in energy efficiency. We offer the top manufacturer brands and will install any brand of your choice. Plus, we service what we sell!


Heating Tune-Up

If your heating system hasn’t seen a tune-up in a while, it’s time to have one scheduled. All heating systems need to be maintained so they can provide you with reliable heat throughout the season. Waiting until you need repairs means you’ll have many more problems than you would otherwise.

Furnace Repair in Hudson

Furnace repair calls are often at night or on weekends. That’s why we offer 24 hour emergency service. If there is anything our recent Florida winters have shown us, it is that we need our heating system working well and for several weeks at a time. When one of those Canadian cold fronts makes it here, but your furnace isn’t making it warm, call us.

Our Florida Furnace Repair Contractor also provides:

  • Furnaces, Energy-Saving Boilers And Burners Installed And Serviced
  • Oil To Gas Conversion Specialists
  • Electric to Gas Conversion Specialists
  • Expert Troubleshooting And Diagnosis For Both Warm Air & Hydronic (Hot Water & Stream) Systems
  • Complete Sheet Metal Fabrications & Installations
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • Humidification And Filtration Systems Installed
  • Violation Corrections
  • 24/7 Emergency services

Braving the cold weather during the daytime is difficult enough, but when nightfall comes it can be even more dangerous for you. Unfortunately, many homeowners wait until their furnace has problems and can’t function until they feel they should call for repairs. Don’t wait until you need your furnace to call for repairs, have your unit serviced regularly with one of our maintenance club plans and you’ll always know you’re system is going to be working at its best.

Plus, having a regular tune-up or maintenance done monthly ensures your furnace lasts all the years it’s warranted for. Neglected furnaces have shortened lifespans when they’re forced to continually run dirty and without the proper lubrication, system checks, and repairs.

No matter the type of furnace you own, you’re going to need furnace repairs at some point.

For furnace repair anytime of the day or night, any day of the week

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Even if it is not the middle of the night, you will appreciate that we respond rapidly. In order to be most helpful to as many folks in our community as we can, we are skilled at servicing all brands. As another customer service convenience, we accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express cards. Ask about our price match guarantee. We want you business and will make it work for your budget.

e make furnace repair our priority, and share your goal of avoiding replacement if at all possible. From our well-equipped brightly colored van, to our well-trained technicians, we come prepared to fix it, as fast as possible.

  • We get to you fast
  • We bring the parts with us to do the job
  • We bring the knowledge to fix any brand
  • We keep prices affordable

Furnace repair is a job for professionals. You may be able to fix a lot of things, but when your family is shivering in the house it is no time to tackle do-it-yourself heating system repair. In the time it takes to figure out what’s wrong, we could have come and gone and restored your heat.

You’d be surprised how often someone tries to fix it himself and then has to schedule a service call. Home improvement pros always advise that furnace repair is not an average project. Do you know the difference between an induced draft fan and a circulating fan? Can you even find it? Will you know which one it is? Do you know where to get a replacement? Should you turn off the power? Is that the right thing to do? Furnace repair is completely safe when you have our years of experience. Electricity in untrained hands can lead to a serious accident.

Call us when you have an immediate need to have the warmth and comfort of your home restored, or if you’re not getting the heating performance you have had in the past. A hallmark of our customer service is rapid response and reliable work. Furnace repair is our specialty.

You can avoid repair by scheduling us to come and do a tune up before heating season begins. This virtually ensures that you won’t have a middle-of-the-cold-night problem with your heating system. You know what they say about an ounce of prevention….

If it turns out you need a new system, you will be relieved to know that most of the time the work can be completed in 8 hours or less. You need efficiency, speed and precision and we deliver. We are expert at finding the right brand for you, and are always pleased to recommend the excellent products of Trane, Lennox and Goodman. But we will always do whatever we can to keep your current system running.

Heat Pumps in Wesley Chapel

Heat pumps do the work of both a furnace and an air conditioner and are especially effective in mild heating climates such as Florida. Running one unit rather than two can save money on your electricity bill. Today’s models operate with leading edge technology that provides dependable, efficient and quiet performance. We back it up with expert installation and service.

We sell and service new generation heat pumps

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Ask about our price match guarantee.

They are called heat pumps because they move heat out of — or into your house.
  • In the summer months the system pulls heat from indoor air and transfers it outside. The indoor air is now much cooler, and it is recirculated through your duct work by an internal fan so that is it constantly re-cooled.
  • During the winter the mechanism pulls heat from the outside air. Heat is generated by doing this and the pump utilizes that warm air, too. Even outside air that is just below freezing temperature has heat that can be extracted.

Homeowners immediately begin to use less electricity the first time they turn heat pumps on. We will explain all of the technical factors, but the basics are very simple. The units have what is called an energy-efficiency range from 7.7 to 9.35. A rating of 8.2 or higher is considered “high efficiency.” That can translate into a 30 to 40% reduction in your electric heat bill. Remember, you are running one unit for heating and cooling, rather than two. That’s why you can save money on your utility bill.

  • Heat pumps are called “split systems” because they have an outdoor and indoor portion. To handle a deep cold snap, most use a furnace to supplement the warmth. It may only be required 15% of the time and most likely only at night.

If you are upgrading from an existing HVAC unit, choosing from the ENERGY STAR® qualified heat pumps will provide an estimated 20% more efficiency. You can qualify for a federal tax credit for energy efficiency which amounts to a break equal to 30% of the cost of your system. That means that you can recoup up to $1500 of the cost of your replacement unit. When homeowners factor that and then add the years of energy savings, they discover the investment is far more cost-effective than conventional HVAC.

Installing heat pumps is precise work, and so you will be glad you chose our company with a reputation for precision workmanship. Expert installation ensures you get the most out of your system. You have decided to invest in the technology in order to save energy and save money – to reduce your electricity bills — and we want to make certain you get all of the benefits. With the majority of these systems, most homeowners are able to use their current ductwork, vents, and registers.

Higher efficiency units may cost more to purchase initially, but you save money in the long run because the system literally pays you back with lower energy bills. We will conduct a heating and cooling study of your home in order to determine which efficiency rating is right for your square footage and for the level of “hot” and “cool” you like. We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express credit cards for your convenience.


$199.00 for a year membership!

This offer includes – 2 tune-ups (1 in the spring and 1 in the fall!)

  • 20% discounts on IAQ products
  • 15% discounts on repairs
  • 5% discount on new systems
  • other special savings programs throughout the year

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$199.00 for a year membership!

This offer includes – 2 tune-ups (1 in the spring and 1 in the fall!)

  • 20% discounts on IAQ products
  • 15% discounts on repairs
  • 5% discount on new systems
  • other special savings programs throughout the year

Schedule Service or Contact Us:


Save $20 off your next service call!

  • Offer good all year in 2021
  • Limit 1 discount per repair

System Tune-Up

$59.00 per unit (reg. $118.00 per unit)

system tune-up and safety inspection

  • Offer good all year in 2021
  • Limit 1 discount per repair

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