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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequenty Asked Questions

What do efficiency rating numbers mean?

The U.S. government requires an efficiency rating of all air conditioning and heating equipment, and for most household appliances. The rating reflects the percentage of energy used efficiently, with a higher rating indicating higher efficiency.

What is SEER?

There are special names for the efficiency ratings of various types of equipment. Air conditioning equipment is rated by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, or SEER. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the equipment is. New equipment manufactured today by the manufacturers must meet at least a 13.0 SEER rating, with some manufacturers producing equipment as high as 21.0 SEER.

What does HSPF stand for?

Air conditioning systems, with a heat pump function, are rated by the heating seasonal performance factor. The higher the HSPF rating is, the more efficient the unit. HSPF is a ratio of BTU (British thermal units) heat output over the heating season to watt-hours of electricity used.

What does AFUE stand for?

Gas furnaces are rated according to their annual fuel utilization efficiency, or AFUE. The higher the AFUE rating is, the more efficient the unit. Natural draft furnaces or boilers typically have an efficiency rating of about 80 percent. Manufacturers, like Lennox, have developed more efficient furnaces to operate at up to a 98-percent efficiency rating; meaning 98 percent of the energy costs you are putting into your furnace are being used to heat your home, unlike natural draft furnaces that only use 80 percent of your energy costs. Boilers like the Weil McLain Ultra also provide high efficiency operation, topping 95 percent AFUE.

Should outdoor units be covered in winter?

It is not recommended. Air conditioners can be accidentally turned on by someone in your home without them knowing that the outdoor unit has been covered, whereby creating potential damage to your condenser and its internal components. The outdoor condenser is built to withstand the environment and should not be covered.

Should a thermostat be set to “auto” or “on”?

Preferably auto. That way, the fan operates only when the temperature requires it. This is the most used and the most efficient setting. However, there are advantages to using the “on” setting on your thermostat. Air is constantly filtered through the unit’s air filter, and the constantly circulating air results in more even temperature throughout the house. Many newer furnaces come equipped with fan motors that provide this function.

Can shrubs or flowers be planted around an outdoor condensing unit?

Yes. However, we recommend that plants be no closer than 18 inches to the unit. This allows for plenty of room for air circulation in and out of the unit. Without this room for air circulation, the unit could overheat, resulting in a premature need for service. Be careful to trim any plants or shrubbery to always allow for the spacing requirement.

If an outdoor unit needs replacing, should the indoor unit be replaced too?

It is recommended that both the indoor and outdoor equipment are replaced together, especially with the new EPA requirements to phase out R-22 refrigerant by 2020. Currently, there are other options to replace just one of the components without the other, with the price of inefficiency and high energy costs. That, however, is subject to change with the upgrades in building codes and National Energy Codes being enforced gradually, state by state. The efficiency rating on a condenser is based on the entire system being replaced.

How do I know what size unit our house needs?

A licensed and insured heating and air conditioning specialist should be consulted if you are considering replacement of your old equipment or the addition of new equipment. Many factors are taken into consideration before making an educated recommendation for properly sized equipment for your home. Factors like the square footage of your house, the climate, the number and type of windows installed, insulation, and even the number of people living in the house are all part of the proper calculation of the air conditioning system needed for your complete comfort.

What is the difference between a split system and a package unit?

A split system uses indoor (air handler/coil or furnace/coil) and outdoor (condenser) components to provide a complete home comfort system. A package unit contains all the required components (indoor and outdoor) within itself. A package unit is typically used in commercial applications or in condominiums and apartments.

My thermostat is blank?

There could be numerous reasons that you thermostat is appearing black. Please check batteries, and if the thermostat does not have batteries please check circuit breakers. If you are still not able to have your thermostat display come on then. Call us for service at 813-395-2324.

Water is running from A/C unit?

If you notice that your A/C unit has water located around it then there are some reasons that this could happen such as: clogged/rusted condensation drop line, prior installation issues, frozen evaporator coil such as dirty air filter and or low refrigerant.

Black growth on outside of ductwork?

Having black growth or mold outside of ductwork could be caused by having an air conditioner that is too big for the house or issues with your entrainment.

High electric bill in summer?

Numerous reason can cause a high electric bill in the Summer, and luckily I Care Air Care has the solutions. Sometimes the solution can be as simple as changing air filters or your system may just need a tune-up. Call us today to schedule a free estimate!

A/C system won't turn on?

We understand that this can be a problem and very frustrating for our customers. There are some issues that could cause your AC System to not turn on such as faulty wiring, mechanical issues, and refrigerant leaks. If this is happening to you please contact us and we will be more than happy to help!

No cold air is coming out of vents?

If you hear your air conditioner unit running but there is no cold air then a quick solution would be to check your air filters. If your air filters are dirty then it will be hard for air to come through. Another test you can do is to make sure that the AC unit is set to “auto” and not to “on” which can cause your unit to blow air, but not cold air. If none of this issues fix your issue then please contact us today!

Fan in outside unit is not running (turning)?

If you hear your ac unit running, but notice that your fans are not moving then you could have a bad fan motor or a bad start capacitor. If these issues are not fixed this can cause great damage to your AC unit.

Ice in outside unit?

This can be a big sign of an issue at hand which can mean that your unit may need refrigerant or you could have a leak. If you recognize this on your AC Unit please call I Care Air Care today!

What size equipment do I need for my home?

The size of our equipments needs are different and vary from home to home, the best way to find out the perfect size equipment for your home is to have a technician from an air care company come out to perform the calculation tests. These tests determine your home’s HVAC equipment needs.

What is two-stage heating?

With two-stage heating, furnaces may operate on two different levels: high and low. A two-stage furnace can operate longer and more efficiently, since you can heat your home on the low setting a majority of the time.. Two-stage heating also helps more quietly than other furnaces and can offer more.

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump covers both your the heating and cooling needs, offering you one HVAC system that can be used over all the seasons. During the warmer months, heat pumps act like an air conditioner, capturing the hot air from inside your home and letting it outside; in the cooler months, this process is reversed. Heat pumps can be very energy efficient and produce two to three times more heat than the energy needed for the process.

How do I know which indoor air quality product will work best for my home?

Try checking out, where you can pinpoint the indoor air quality issues that affect your home. After you pick the items that apply, the system will show the IAQ products that match your needs. You can also call I Care Air Care Heating and Cooling and let our techs walk through some of the issues you experience. They can evaluate your home and needs and provide options and answers.


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