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Where does your recycled plastic actually go?

Last updated: 05-29-2021

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Where does your recycled plastic actually go?

View this email in your browser Where does your recycled plastic actually go? Like most eco-conscious consumers, you probably try to minimise the amount of plastic that you use and where you do have to use plastic you recycle wherever possible. But do you know what happens to the plastic that you recycle?   Tree Appeal www.treeappeal.com plants trees throughout the British Isles, mostly in schools but also in woodland and nature reserves. They are paid for by their corporate sponsors – there is no cost to the schools that receive them. Since 2005, more than 450,000 Tree Appeal saplings have been planted. Tree Appeal gives environmentally responsible companies a way to integrate tree planting into their business activities and give back to the natural world. Visit  Check if your home could be under water by 2050 Rising sea levels are an inevitable consequence of climate change. It's now no longer a question of if sea levels will rise but rather by how much and how quickly. In the UK, London, Cardiff, Hull and Blackpool will be at particular risk over the next 30 years. An interactive map developed by Climate Central shows which parts of the UK will be most affected by rising tides in 2050. https://coastal.climatecentral.org/map/   Victory Colourswww.victorycolours.co.uk is an independent family run business. Their small team is mindful of the environment, so when launching their eco paint business they were clear they didn’t want to add to the toxins on the planet. Their Down to Earth Paint is their way of being more conscious. They have beautiful colours, exceptional quality & opacity. Their paint is durable, colourfast & washable, easy application and solvent-free. Their paint is water based, it’s virtually VOC-free and has exceptionally low odour. Oh and it’s vegan. Pesticides are highly toxic for bees and other pollinators. Without our pollinators, several fruits, vegetables, wildflowers and trees would cease to exist. While bee populations continue to decline, the production of food crops will decrease as well, as bee pollination is necessary for several important crops. Re-wrapped www.re-wrapped.co.uk produces designer led wrapping paper and other products, using 100% recycled unbleached paper and environmentally friendly vegetable inks. Their range includes wrapping paper, matching swing tags, greeting cards and notebooks. They also provide a customer print service, allowing customers to bring their own wrapping paper designs to market, as well as producing business cards, corporate notebooks, flyers and other marketing materials, all using post consumer waste that has not been bleached.

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