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9 Self-Watering Pots That Make It Nearly Impossible To Kill Your Plants

Last updated: 10-15-2020

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9 Self-Watering Pots That Make It Nearly Impossible To Kill Your Plants

Overwatering your plants is probably the worst mistake you can make as a gardener. It can result in root rot, fungus gnats, and even death for your plant. While there are plenty of tricks you can use to make sure you’re giving your plant the perfect amount of water, switching to self-watering pots is a foolproof way to get the job done.

When you’re watering your plant from the top, it can be hard to tell when to stop. But self-watering pots essentially use the bottom-up method, allowing your plants to pull up only as much water as they need to thrive. Here are some of the prettiest options to keep your plants happy and root rot-free.

How stunning is this recycled glass planter? The rope sucks up the water from the area underneath the plant, making sure it gets the perfect amount of water.

If you’re in need of some smaller 4-inch self-watering pots, this is the perfect set. The teracotta and glass combination is eye-catching and functional, as the water easily absorbs through the porous material.

This ceramic white stoneware pot doesn’t just look amazing displayed in your home. It also rests on a deep base that allows the water to travel upward to the plant’s roots.

This 100 percent biodegradable pot is made from straw, coffee, nut husks, and natural binding agents, making it an eco-friendly addition to your space. Because the plant’s soil is held above the water reservoir by a mesh screen, root rot doesn’t stand a chance.

You can’t beat a stunning neutral ceramic pot, and this one self-waters through a nylon wick creates the perfect balance between the soil and water below.

Yep, hanging plants can get the self-watering treatment, too. This option—which comes in both grey and white—has a system that draws up water anytime the plant needs it. That means you don’t have to get out the step stool every week in order to reach your high-hanging plants.

This three-pack of self-watering pots is nothing short of a steal. The 6-inch options are perfect for your plant stands, and the clear water reservoir make it easy to see when they’re in need of a refill.

There are three different colors of these 3-inch handmade concrete planters to choose from. The nylon wick makes it easy to feed your plant whenever it’s thirsty.

This cute little ceramic self-watering pot has a build-in cotton thick that’s threaded in the base to draw water up to your plant.

These are the best plants to put in every room in your home:

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