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7 easy ways to create an eco-friendly home office

Last updated: 06-09-2020

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7 easy ways to create an eco-friendly home office

No, not the colour, unless that’s your thing! Major brands are getting on board and offering more and more eco-friendly options in a wider range of colours and finishes. 

Check your paint’s ingredients and avoid harmful pigments, toxic heavy metals and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Oil-based paints contain more VOC’s than water and latex-based paints. Earthborn is one such brand that's VOC free.

Avoid potential heavy metal contamination by properly disposing of old paint, as the metal in the cans may have leeched into the liquid.

One of the great things about advances in home improvement technology is seeing common materials find new life! If you’ve got your heart set on hardwood flooring, check out bamboo instead. 

While wood is renewable, trees take years to regrow and reach maturity. Bamboo, on the other hand, is a notoriously fast grower and repopulates far faster than wood. It’s also renowned for its strength!  Bamboo is cost-efficient, durable, and absolutely lovely as a flooring material and due to growing popularity it’s available in more colours and styles than ever.

Before heading out to buy new furniture for your home office, look at what you already have. What can you do with it? Can it be recycled or donated? The answers may surprise you.

First, recycling isn’t just for bottles and old newspapers. Charitable organisations like Habitat For Humanity accept everything from flooring to paint to small appliances and even your kitchen sink. Freegle and Freecycle work in local groups to find homes for everything from printers to desks. You can also see what other people are giving away and find a second home for someone else's donations).

Instead of tossing that old lamp in the dumpster, try upgrading it with a new shade and energy-efficient light bulbs. 

Is your favourite couch or chair stuck in the past? Some new fabric can take a piece from drab to fab! Check upholsterers in your area or if you’re feeling ambitious, do it yourself. It's all about make and mend now, right?

Donating, repurposing and reusing what you already own are great ways to not only save money, but it reduces the demand for new materials and helps reduce the strain on the environment.

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