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Articles about sustainable living

6 Tips for the Cleanest Shower Door Ever

Last updated: 03/16/2019

A glass shower door adds modern elegance to your bathroom, but as with every other dirty bathroom fixture exposed to moisture, unsightly grime and mineral deposits can build up....

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Guide to an Environmentally-Friendly Bathroom

Last updated: 03/12/2019

The bathroom is probably the most overlooked area of an eco-conscious home. The simplest measures can go a long way to reducing both water and energy wastage in the...

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10 Unconventional Ways to Use Old Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Rolls Around the House

Last updated: 03/11/2019

Toilet paper and paper towels: great household tools, but there just really aren’t many desirable eco-friendly substitutes in a green living household, besides outfitting your...

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Build work begins on UAE pavilion for Expo 2019 Beijing Horticulture

Last updated: 03/06/2019

Construction works have begun on the UAE pavilion at Expo 2019 Beijing Horticulture, according to the National Media Council (NMC). Taking place from April 29 to October 7, the...

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How to Zone Your Backyard Garden for Efficiency

Last updated: 03/03/2019

What many new gardeners don’t realize is that the placement of different garden elements makes an enormous difference as to whether or not you’ll be eating this year’s crop. The...

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How Passive House is Transforming Top Universities - Green Building Elements 2019

Last updated: 03/02/2019

With more and more world leaders, educational institutes and industry professionals looking towards creating a more sustainable future for the next generation, many have focused...

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IKEA’s New Curtains Will Purify the Air in Your Home

Last updated: 02/26/2019

It's true that the harder your home works, the less you have to. And IKEA’s newest developing product—a curtain panel that purifies the air inside your home—is guaranteed to do...

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Trend Watch: 2019 outdoor living and design trends for every homeowner

Last updated: 02/24/2019

Beyond windows and patio doors, home designs are truly blending indoor and outdoor areas thanks to features like folding walls and collapsible screens. For example, imagine a...

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Here's How to Decorate with a Jute Rug

Last updated: 02/23/2019

When it comes to natural fiber rugs, there are several options. Rugs made of sisal, bamboo, sea grass, and even hemp have proven to be a favorite for top designers and families...

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How to Make Your Own Solar Hot Water Heater

Last updated: 02/19/2019

Heating water for our homes is one of the largest drains of energy, but for those who have had a cold shower on a chilly day, hot water is non-negotiable. This is one sacrifice...

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