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Five tips for keeping you and your plumber safe during home visits

Last updated: 01-27-2021

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Five tips for keeping you and your plumber safe during home visits

With the ongoing lockdown, we understand that plumbing emergencies are as important as ever. And we want to keep customers safe and happy throughout this period — so it’s important that both you and your plumber feel safe and comfortable while work is being carried out.

Taking a few simple steps in line with government health and safety guidance will offer you both peace of mind.

Here are our five helpful tips to keep you and your plumber safe and comfortable during home visits:

As tempting as it may be to offer your plumber a quick cup of tea on their arrival, sharing items can increase the risk of germs spreading. Finding proactive ways to minimise these sorts of interactions can help you both remain safe and stick to social distancing rules. Before your plumber arrives, make sure they know where they’ll be working and that there’s enough space to complete the work. It’s useful to keep doors and hallways clear during the installation process, so your plumber has enough space to move around easily. Cutting out the small talk may feel anti-social to begin with; however, it’s important to reduce the threat of infection by keeping in-person conversations to a minimum.

2) Keep the virtual conversations flowing We know that frequent communication with your plumber is vital for peace of mind when any work is being carried out. However, this can be quite difficult when trying to limit social interactions. We’d recommend changing those lengthier plumber-homeowner consultations into a phone call or even a Skype or Zoom session.

3) Wear a mask In smaller spaces with less ventilation, there is a bigger risk of airborne infection. Opening a window or door won’t be enough to reduce the risks of the virus; however, paired with wearing a mask and frequent handwashing you can help protect yourself, your family and your installer. Prompting your plumber to bring protective equipment, such as a clean mask and disposable gloves, will help reduce the spread of germs. To do your part, make sure that hand sanitiser is readily available to both yourself and your installer.

4) Cashless payments A simple way to minimise physical contact would be to organise making your payment online. Coins and cash can easily collect germs, with many different (and potentially non-sanitised) hands touching them. Taking a few moments to set up an online payment method can make both customers and installers less susceptible to the spread of the virus.

5)  Disinfect surfaces before and after the visit With COVID-19 being spread through respiratory droplets that are often found on everyday surfaces we touch, disinfecting is a must. Ahead of your plumber’s arrival, it’s important to disinfect all surfaces and items they’re likely to touch, to limit the chance of germs spreading. To protect yourself once the plumber leaves, we’d recommend waiting an hour or two before disinfecting to give airborne germs the chance to settle – ready to be cleaned.

To learn more on how to prepare for a visit from your plumber to keep you both safe, you can find the government guidelines on people working in your home here.   If you’re looking to up the hygiene in your own bathroom, then take a look at our range of infrared taps for a hands-free, hygienic solution. Find out more about their benefits in our Ultimate Guide to Infrared Taps.

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