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New campaign urges workers to use face masks properly | Heating & Plumbing Monthly Magazine (HPM)

Last updated: 01-10-2021

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New campaign urges workers to use face masks properly | Heating & Plumbing Monthly Magazine (HPM)

With essential construction work set to continue during the latest lockdown, the Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum is urging operatives to make a safe start to 2021 with a colourful new face mask campaign.

The unique collective has launched an animation and downloadable infographic to remind workers that it’s vitally important to help protect everyone by following the rules and using the right face covering in the right way.

It has also reinforced its ongoing reminders to workers about travelling and working in domestic projects safely and staying COVID aware in their social lives, as well as a reminder to the public to allow construction operatives to carry out their work unhindered.

The latest initiative – headlined Mask for Task: Cover for Covid – follows the news at the start of the New Year that the construction industry in Scotland is to continue in operation despite restrictions in other areas.

It emphasises in its easy-to-follow infographic that workers should wear the appropriate respirator or mask that the task demands and that a face covering of suitable material should be worn when moving around site.

It also gives specific instructions on how to – and how not to – wear face coverings as well as instructions for taking care of personal protective equipment, such as storing masks in a sealable bag when not in use.

Rebecca Crosland, health and safety adviser at the Building Engineering Services Association and Chair of the Forum’s Health and Safety sub-group, said: “With essential construction work being allowed to continue during lockdown, it is incumbent on everyone working in the sector to ensure that they are operating safely, whatever their capacity.

“One of the most direct ways of doing this is to ensure correct mask use, which our latest infographic and animation promotes. The information is easy to follow and will help operatives protect themselves and their colleagues, customers, friends and family.

“We are also repeating our other range of health and safety messaging about travel, social distancing and domestic work to ensure everyone is clear on exactly what behaviours are required at all times.”

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