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Why more women are considering careers such as plumbing

Why more women are considering careers such as plumbing

Ms Hasan added: “I wanted to do metalwork when I was at school but back in those days, the 70s, I wasn’t allowed. When I said I wanted to do metalwork, they said you can’t do that, you are a girl. You have to do cooking and needlework.”

Many will have been told by careers advisors that they were too good to enter the trades and others may have felt there was a lack of role models, she says.

Ms May said: “This pause is causing a greater number of women to think about what it is that they want to do with their lives.

However, Ms Hasan says that there have been various campaigns where it has seemed the tide has turned when it comes to women breaking into trades but too often momentum is lost.

She said: “Momentum doesn’t stay up by itself. It needs a strategic approach that when women come into the industry or leave the industry, there are always more women to take those places.”

She added: “I know from my own practice and from women that I have worked with, the first thing you think about when you go into somebody’s home is not where’s the fix. It’s what’s happening to the person.

“We deal with people first. Going into somebody’s home and being able to be empathetic with what’s going on for the householder means a lot to the householder.”

She said: “The hero aspect of being a plumber is really fulfilling. I still love it 30 years later. I don’t do as much of it now but I still love it.”

She said: “It’s a great career. It will earn you a lot of money. It’ll do you a lot of good to be able to fix things. You’ll be independent and basically dictate your own future. Contact us and we’ll put you on the register because it’s very important that we count the numbers of tradeswomen in the country.”

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