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"Keeping Pimlico a family affair is the key to its success," Ashley Mullins.

Welcoming a new member of the family this week brought it home to me how important it is that Pimlico has always been a family business.

The company is recognised as being not only the biggest but the best home services company in town and a big part of the reason for that is its family values.

These are the same values that Charlie set about creating when he started the business in 1979, wanting to improve the poor image of the trade by only hiring smart, punctual plumbers, who did a great job and left properties in a clean and tidy state.

The success has meant that the bloodhounds have often circled, trying to buy a piece of the action, and even though grandad Charlie may well have been tempted to sell sometimes, he always decided that keeping Pimlico in the family was best.

The advantage of family values is borne out by the facts. A growing amount of evidence shows that family-owned operations outperform non-family owned ones in every sector across the globe, over the long term and especially during challenging economic times. 

The reasons for this appear to be partly down to continuity, because these companies don't just focus on their quarterly earnings but invest for the long run.

Founders and next-generation heirs don’t think short term, they think several decades ahead to cement business continuity, so their creations support and include their children and grandchildren.

Another reason cited by business experts for their success, is that families naturally tend to stick together and become the beating heart of the company. As the operation grows and other family members join the fold, the sense of unity grows and a feeling of community forms.

The family’s goals and values are adopted and shared, becoming the lifeblood of the company. They are instilled in everybody who works for it, creating a cohesive, collaborative workforce.

For my part, it has been inspirational to follow my father, Scott, into the business and have Charlie to look up to as well, and to be able to work with all the other members of the family to keep driving Pimlico forward for generations to come.

It is early days, both for my 16 month old daughter Harper and my sister Daisy’s new-born, but I can only hope that in the future they will play a part in keeping Pimlico a family affair.