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The Best Plumbing Equipment for Your Kitchen or Business

Last updated: 10-01-2020

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The Best Plumbing Equipment for Your Kitchen or Business

T&S Brass Plumbing and its associated elements may or may not be a part of the kitchen that first comes to mind when thinking of kitchens and equipment, but it is one of the most important parts of the foundation needed for a working, functional space. T&S Brass understands this and has worked hard to provide their consumers with the highest quality foodservice plumbing equipment in the industry since their inception in 1947. Headquartered in South Carolina, this American brand is a top choice for anyone looking to outfit or update their home or business with quality products at an affordable price point. Perfect for more than just residential or commercial kitchens, T&S Brass's faucets and fittings can suit almost any industry's needs and have been used in restaurants, laboratories, educational institutions, health care facilities, and more.

In addition to being well-known for their quality, long-lasting products, T&S Brass have also made a name for being innovative and eco-conscious. They were the first to offer items like the foot pedal valve, electronic glass filler faucet, and pre-rinse unit. They also show their commitment to water conservation and sustainability by creating products designed for optimum efficiency and partnering with several organizations who share these same interests. 

faucet spoutssink faucetspre-rinse units Regardless of the kitchen or plumbing set-up design, T&S Brass has a faucet perfect for your needs. Their faucet spouts and sink faucets are great for general set-ups and are available in a variety of styles including gooseneck and swing spouts and big flo nozzles as well as a variety of faucet lengths. For kitchens or businesses where a more flexible reach is needed, the pre-rinse units are ideal as the hose and swing nozzle can come in an array of choices. 

glass filler faucetspot filler faucets T&S Brass's glass filler faucets are a good choice for restaurants who offer self-service drink stations or who need to quickly fill pots for easy cooking and cleaning at the back of house. If filling pots with water to boil is a regular occurrence, installing pot filler faucets in the kitchen is a preferred choice among many commercial kitchens as the faucets are deliberately made to extend farther from the base to accommodate large pots and offer more flexibility with hoses or double-jointed spouts.

With over 70 years of experience, consumers cannot go wrong with using T&S Brass to meet their plumbing equipment needs. 

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