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Radiator trade body vows to stamp out poor quality | Heating & Plumbing Monthly Magazine (HPM)

Last updated: 07-04-2020

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Radiator trade body vows to stamp out poor quality | Heating & Plumbing Monthly Magazine (HPM)

Members of the Manufacturers Association of Radiators and Convectors (MARC) have pledge to raise standards and compliance through a series of initiatives and targeted consumer campaign.

The MARC’s ‘You are what you Heat’ campaign stressed the importance of quality, CE marked radiators, in order for heating systems and homes to be fit and healthy.

Isaac Occhipinti, head of external affairs at MARC, said: “MARC members are committed to driving change. Members are proud of their brand and what it stands for.

“The ‘You are what you Heat’ campaign has been created to ensure that consumers are aware of the importance of having quality, radiators that conform to current standards, installed in their home. Installing radiators that do not conform could result in cold, expensive and inefficient homes.

“MARC wants to protect consumers and ensure industry wide compliance with the Construction Products Regulations, which applies to all products sold into the industry, including those purchased online.

“For us, that means working across the whole industry to ensure that all companies comply with the regulations, and that their marketing materials and product performance data are correct. Inflated heat outputs on product packaging defraud consumers. False claims leave consumers cold, out of pocket, and with a bitter taste which reflects badly throughout the industry.

“It’s not just the consumer who is affected. The environmental effects are considerable. Poor quality radiators simply don’t last long, and lead to bigger carbon costs as they need replacing more often. In addition, a radiator that has overstated its heat output will lead to a boiler that can’t condense properly. It will, therefore, burn more fossil fuels and cause higher amounts of carbon to be released into the atmosphere.

“Unfortunately, many consumers are not aware of what they need to be looking for when purchasing a radiator. Which is why we have produced a ‘Consumer guide to Buying the right Radiator’. One guaranteed way that consumers can have product assurance is to look out for MARC membership! All members of MARC must provide proof of product performance (CE marking), together with test certificates.”

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