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Keeping Our High Standard of Health & Safety During The Pandemic

Last updated: 06-14-2020

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Keeping Our High Standard of Health & Safety During The Pandemic

During the pandemic, it has been critical for us to protect our Head Office staff, our engineers, and our customers. Gary Poynter our Health & safety Manger has been the man to implement and oversee all the correct procedures. He has worked since the outbreak to make sure we are all safe and adhering to all the government guidelines. We spoke to Gary to find out how he'd approached matters:

"As Health and Safety Manager at Pimlico Plumbers, I have focused my attention on protecting the engineers and office staff during the coronavirus pandemic outbreak.  I have worked closely with our maintenance department to ensure that ample supplies of protective gloves, appropriate face masks, and hand gel sanitiser are available for staff to use.  This is to protect themselves against contracting the deadly virus and passing it onto other person’s including clients and customers.

When an engineer attends a job at a client’s premises, they wear protective gloves, appropriate face mask, use hand sanitiser gel and keep to a 2 metre social distance.   The engineer will be informed if a person is in self-isolation within the property.   

In order to get the company ready for additional staff to return to the offices after being on furlough, I have carried out a Covid 19 risk assessment, which is now displayed on notice boards around the premises.  In addition to this, I have completed the government's online assessment form and have uploaded a document to say that the company has done so.

Staff members will feel more comfortable coming to work knowing that the following has been put in place to reduce the risk of the virus spreading;

‘2 metre social distancing’ and ‘staying Covid 19 secure in 2020’ signs displayed on every office door, hand sanitiser gel available to use at staff entrances, hazard tape on the kitchen floor at 2 metre measurement distances, gloves and masks are also available.

I feel that with all of the control measures that have been put into place, the company are now well prepared, which will help to reduce the risk of the virus spreading."

We can't thank Gary enough for keeping us all safe ad this very challenging time!

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