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Delight as Bonhill low energy homes plan approved

Delight as Bonhill low energy homes plan approved

A COUNCILLOR says she’s “thrilled” after a pilot scheme for a new low energy housing estate in Bonhill were approved.

A Passivhaus initiative which will be created at the Pappert site aims to provide a high level comfort for occupants while using very little energy for heating.

A feasibility study has been carried out on the site which has provided the council with the idea of developing mixed housing.

The land is being designed to maximise the optimum location for Passivhaus estates and includes net zero and silver standard properties in areas which are less suitable for passivhaus.

In total there would be 26 properties, including cottage flats, terraced houses and semi-detached homes.

The development will feature a combination of one, two, three and four bedroomed properties.

As it stands £2.2 million would be spent on 10 Silver Standard homes, which operate at a 21 per cent reduction in carbon emissions, £1.8 million is calculated for nine “net zero” houses, and £1.6 million for seven properties built to the Passivhaus standard.

An update was brought before the housing and communities committee.

Conservative councillor Sally Page said: “I am obviously thrilled that we are trialling Passivhaus in West Dunbartonshire.

“The cost per square metre is £190 more than the other building options that we are looking at.

“I realise that Passivhaus build isn’t suitable for every site, but this seems to be a tricky one.

“If it costs less overall and there is no cost to the occupant other than to heat water, the maintenance is extremely low because the property is so well built in the beginning.”

Councillor Page referred to a Passivhaus development in Shettleston, in Glasgow’s east end, which members of the committee previously visited to find out how the design standard might be applied in West Dunbartonshire.

She asked: “Have we spoken to Glasgow City Council about the Shettleston project to see, three years on, if there are any problems?”

A council officer confirmed that an update could be brought to a future committee meeting.

The Bonhill development will be subject to a future planning application being approved.

The Passivhaus standard has also been applied to the construction of a new pavilion at Hermitage Park in Helensburgh.

The committee also discussed potential future developments at Willox Park in Dumbarton, Bank Street in Alexandria, and the former Mount Pleasant care home in Old Kilpatrick.