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(VIDEO) Construction Tech Crew: Smart A.S.S. (Air Sealing Specialist)…

Last updated: 02-28-2021

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(VIDEO) Construction Tech Crew: Smart A.S.S. (Air Sealing Specialist)…

At last week’s Construction Tech Tuesday, cohosts Shaun St-Amour, Mark Wille, and Kevin Brennan played a little show and tell with some of their favorite tools that keep their air barriers free of leaks. Most of these tools are not expensive or difficult to find and can be picked up at just about any hardware store. If you missed the episode and have an additional tool (or tools) that you think the Passive House trades community should know about, leave a comment on our YouTube page.

As Shaun mentioned at the top of the episode, there are three tools that need to be on any job site: safety glasses, a mask, and earplugs. (We want everyone to stay safe out there!) In addition to that, every Passive House project needs to have signage reminding the workers on the site to avoid unnecessary penetrations to the air barrier. Furthermore: Tape is everything in the world of air sealing. If it is not installed correctly, the adhesive will not work correctly and you will have a leaky project.

And with that, on with the tools!

Shaun talked about staying warm, his handy staple gun, his applicator gun for liquid applied products, and several tools to help him make sure his tape is properly installed.

In addition to these tools, Shaun also likes to have a staple gun handy (rather than a hammer tacker) for affixing membranes and an applicator gun for liquid applied products.

First things first: Mark reminds us that duct tape—which can be used in everything from car maintenance to minor surgery—is not a high-performance tool. It does not belong on a Passive House jobsite, so keep it in your truck.

For Mark, the items that should make it to the site include:

Kevin got right down to business with what felt like a few dozen tools to prevent and fix leaks (or as he phrased it, “to fight the invisible”). Some highlights included:

You can learn additional tips and tricks by checking out the video below:

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