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How the Landscape Writer Will Help You Succeed in Business - The Landscape Writer

Last updated: 09-22-2020

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How the Landscape Writer Will Help You Succeed in Business - The Landscape Writer

What’s new at the Landscape Writer? Well, a lot of things starting right now as well as into the New Year (2021).

I started the Landscape Writerin January 2013 when business blogging started picking up in the B2B and B2C markets. Back then, I had extensive experience writing for green industry trade magazines and my local newspapers.

Now, seven plus years later, I’m still trucking along enjoying this venture that I’m on. But I’m tweaking my services just a bit. Here’s how…

When I started in 2013, I spread a wide net into the lawn care and landscaping arenas. Along the way, I’ve written blog posts and web copy for web developers, digital marketing companies, land management companies, and small lawn care and landscaping businesses.

As digital marketing gained steam in the green industry, I found myself working with project managers with great vision. And it’s been fun—and not so fun at times. I realized 18 months ago that I needed to make some changes.

For 2021, I’m tweaking the services I provide. First of all, I write small- to mid-length blog posts and web copy. I do have experience with 10X content, but I have backed away from that intensive type of writing.

Instead, I write informative blogs that hit in the 750-word range, the length of a mid-size newspaper article. It gives your readers enough information to know what to expect of your lawn care, garden, and landscaping services.

Second, I’ve set a limit on the topics that I take on. You know the saying, “A jack of all trades and a master of none?” Well, I decided in 2020 that I would no longer be a jack of all trades.

For example, I’ve worked with some folks who’ve wanted me to write in-depth blogs on agronomy, where I needed to know organic chemistry. Little did my clients realize that by the grace of God, I barely passed Chemistry 101 back when I was in college.

I understand the basics of agronomy, fertilization, and other lawn services. However, there’s a limit to my abilities, and in-depth scientific blogs aren’t in my wheelhouse.

I still provide original content. I don’t have a library full of articles that I pull out and switch around the wording. I customize each blog I write to meet your company’s needs—and that’s why I’m clarifying what I can and can’t do at the Landscape Writer.

Here are the writing services I can provide for you in 2021:

An SME knows her stuff and can write confidently. The words seem to flow and make interesting reading for your audience. Here are some of my sweet spots:

Here are the blog topics where I’m a subject matter expert:

If you want the kind of marketing communications that I provide, and you fit the clientele profile, then you know that you came to the right place for your writing needs. You’ll receive blog posts and web copy that bring more sales prospects to your virtual door.

The New Year is still three months away, but if you’re looking for a blog and marketing writer for your garden, landscape design, or lawn care business, call/text me today at 717-381-6719 or fill out my free consultation form

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