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7 small front garden design ideas on a budget – secret's out

Last updated: 08-19-2020

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7 small front garden design ideas on a budget – secret's out

We often underestimate the importance of a front garden, especially if it's on the small side, so if you – like many of us – are only just getting to yours, but have already spent the majority of your gardening budget on your outdoor space to the back of your house, we can help. 

We've rounded up our best small front garden design ideas on a budget to help you bring more pizzaz to your home, without spending a fortune! Not to mention also, that a good looking front garden is sure to add heaps of kerb appeal to your property. From choosing your plants wisely to selecting the most cost efficient landscaping materials and more, keep scrolling to give your tiny front of house the attention it deserves with our small front garden ideas, and for more beautiful garden ideas, be sure to check out our feature.

Planting is everything when you're sprucing your front garden space, and if you've a small space, and are on a budget too, you're going to want to choose flowers that give maximum effect. The trick is to really think about your colour scheme, and the size of the plants too. Three complementary colours can be a safe choice to add interest, while you could add more pizzaz by using wildflower mixes and array of colours. You could also go the other way and stick to one shade for a dramatic display in a small garden.

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A modern take on hanging baskets, hanging pots can bring cool character to a front garden, and will instantly add height to help draw the eye up and enhance a small space too. For even more added interest, cluster a few together with a variety of foliage for more texture and colour. 

You can find these ones at Waitrose for a pretty budget-friendly price.

This is a great budget-friendly tip for if your front garden is so small that you don't have a lot of soil to plant in. Recycling old metal pots or barrels, to use as outdoor containers for cut plants and foliage, is a lovely way to add more greenery using what you have. Plus, you can change up your display regularly to keep it looking even more fresh.

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A DIY job like painting a fence is as budget-friendly as it comes, and it's a brilliant way to add more energy to your front garden space when you're short on time, space, and cash. We've suggested white because the lightness helps open up a space, adding a clean finish too. And, as you can see in the above front garden, the entrance is amplified and more inviting.

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Refining small details and adding subtle decorative features will let your home's personality shine on through even the smallest of front gardens. Here, the cute table and tropical plant bring home exotic vibes, while the bright coloured fence is the cherry on top and brings the look together perfectly – proving that you don't need to splurge to make a statement.

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It's no secret that topiary can be expensive, but you don't need to blow your budget on heaps of plants, for a stunning effect. Topiary is a loaded plant, so when you're working in a small front garden space, you can invest in small cones, a couple of balls or even just one middle-sized container in an unusual shape because it will add all the interest you need and turn it into more of a focal point, rather than hedging that disappears into the background. 

Gravel is a really cost effective landscaping material to use in gardens, so choosing gravel for a small front garden path is a budget-friendly way to both define your walkway, and add interest. Keep your straight for a modern finish, while if you've more traditional tastes or are looking to be sympathetic to a period property like a cottage for example, you can add curves and keep your path more fluid.

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