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HVAC companies see uptick in calls because of coronavirus concerns

Last updated: 07-07-2020

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HVAC companies see uptick in calls because of coronavirus concerns

Marchand is VP of Commercial Installation at Isaac Heating and Air and said they've been busy as coronavirus concerns continue.

“Businesses, restaurants, malls, even residential customers have been asking us about filtration options, UV options and things you can do to filter out or potentially eliminate or kill the coronavirus,” Marchand said. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, when used properly, air purifiers can help reduce airborne contaminants including viruses. However, they state it's still important to use CDC practices to protect yourself and family. Marchand said his biggest advice is to call the experts.

“Filter through what's good and what's not,” Marchand said. “Secondly, if you just add items to your HVAC without knowing what impacts it may have on it you can damage the core of your HVAC unit in your home or business.”

Marchand said he's glad people are paying more attention as indoor air quality can not only help with viruses but overall health. 

“Indoor air quality is big, it can help with allergies it can help with keeping you healthy and safe from viruses and bacteria and mold. There's so many advantages to air quality that improve your quality of life.” Marchand said. 

More concern comes from this after Governor Andrew Cuomo said New York malls can’t open without air conditioning systems that filter the coronavirus. 

News10NBC received a statement from Wilmorite that said, “Commercial buildings have a more complex cooling system than what is in residential homes. There are multiple grades of filters and efficiencies that have to be considered for each individual HVAC system in order to maintain proper air flow. We are awaiting details from the Governor’s office on the exact filter specifications that are acceptable for our system. As stated previously, we recently installed medical grade filters, which are twice as efficient as what is being used in big box retail stores that are currently open. We have an HVAC/energy management system that consistently allows for fresh air to be cycled through the mall. We are hopeful that our new filters, paired with the HVAC system meets the Governor’s standards so that we can re-open soon.”

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