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Best Humidifier for Your House | Best Dehumidifier for Your House

Best Humidifier for Your House | Best Dehumidifier for Your House

With people spending more time at home than ever before, there has never been a greater push to optimizeindoor air quality(IAQ) in the home. If you’ve recently had clients approach you seeking product recommendations for optimizing indoor air quality, you may want to consider humidification and dehumidification systems. After all, maintaining ideal indoor relative humidity levels (between 40% and 60%) can help to prevent the formation and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi whilealsokeeping the space comfortable.

At CE, we offer a wide range of home humidifiers, dehumidifiers and other products to help your clients achievethe best indoor air qualitypossible. Explore a handful of our most popular humidification and dehumidification products below.

When the air inside a house is too dry, this can result in several complications, ranging from cracked and dry skin to respiratory problems. Fortunately, the Aprilaire Steam Humidifier makes it easy to add moisture to indoor air when it is needed most — for most homeowners, during the dry and harsh winter months.

This humidifier is designed for home applications where evaporative units are placed. The use of automatic control functions releases the precise amount of moisture needed to achieve and maintain optimal indoor humidity levels.

The Whole-Home Steam Humidifier is another great choice for adding moisture to any indoor living space. This particular model, made by Carrier, is designed to generate steam by energizing electrodes in a replaceable canister while preventing condensation from forming inside the ductwork.

This model can deliver between 12 and 34 gallons of moisture per day and offers easy installation in most existing HVAC systems.

For situations where humidity levels inside a home are too high, a whole-home dehumidifier may be a better option. Specifically, the Aprilaire Whole-Home Dehumidifier is available in two different sizes (70 pints or 95 pints) to suit your client’s specific needs. Whether dehumidification is needed throughout the entire home or in a specific location (such as a damp basement), this system offers automatic operation that can be controlled based on the amount of humidity in the air and comfort settings.

Another option to consider is the Honeywell Dehumidifier, which can remove up to 65 pints of water from indoor air per day. This system offers efficient and economical operation and is easy to set up and use. With proper dehumidification, this Honeywell system can provide safeguards against common household problems associated with high indoor humidity levels. This includes mold and mildew growth, as well as warped wood and peeling paint.

With humidification and dehumidification products available through CE, you can help your clients keep their relative indoor humidity at optimal levels. In conjunction with sterilization, purification and filtration systems in the home, humidifiers and dehumidifiers can help your clients enjoy improved indoor air quality for many years to come.