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How HVAC Sterilization & Germidicial Solutions Improve Indoor Air Quality

How HVAC Sterilization & Germidicial Solutions Improve Indoor Air Quality

Never before has optimizing indoor air quality (IAQ) been such a priority — not just for homeowners, but for business owners as well. Through purification, filtration, humidity management and sterilization, clients can achieve the clean indoor air they desire for greater health and comfort.

HVAC sterilization and the use of germicidal solutions improve indoor air quality by continuously cleaning an HVAC system’s internal components and equipment. The result is cleaner air output due to less debris, dust and other buildup on HVAC components.

While there are many solutions available to enhance indoor air quality, sterilization and germicidal solutions offer numerous benefits to residential and commercial clients. For starters, sterilization techniques have been shown to reduce the spread of airborne diseases and even bacterial infections. Specifically, the use of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) can eliminate pollutants and contaminants that would otherwise make their way through an HVAC system’s normal ventilation process. As a result, UVGI can:

So, what are some of the top sterilization products and germicidal solutions available on the market today? Consider offering the following products and solutions to your clients:

CE offers a wide range of germicidal UV lights and lamps from the most trusted industry brands, including the TechPure Germicidal UV Light and the Carrier Performance Dual Lamp Germicidal UV Light. Both of these lights are designed to enhance airflow and maintain system efficiency while killing off bacteria, mold and other contaminants within a system’s indoor coils. These lights can be easily installed and are compatible with existing home/building filtration systems.

For homes and buildings with ductless mini-split systems, the Dust-Free Bio-Fighter Mini-Stick is an excellent sterilization solution for improving IAQ. With its patent-pending design, this product allows for germicidal light to target UV energy on a small mini-split coil for the best possible results.

Those looking to optimize IAQ may wish to consider a whole-home or whole-building germicidal air purifier, which utilizes “Capture & Kills™” technology to proactively seek and neutralize bacteria, viruses, pathogens and more. These purification systems can be installed in the return air ducting of most existing HVAC units and utilize the latest in sterilization technology.

Implementing the right sterilization and germicidal solutions can help your clients achieve the cleanest air in their buildings. Of course, it takes an experienced and knowledgeable HVAC professional to recommend, install and service these innovative products; that’s where you come in. And when you’re looking for the right supplier for your sterilization and germicidal equipment needs, our team atCEis always here for you.

To learn more about sterilization and germicidal solutions in addition to other indoor air quality topics like purification and filtration, check out CE’s comprehensive IAQ guidehere!