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IoT-Based Building Automation Leader 75F Joins Google Climate Change Accelerator

IoT-Based Building Automation Leader 75F Joins Google Climate Change Accelerator

MINNEAPOLIS, April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- 75F today announced its selection to the inaugural cohort of Google's Climate Accelerator, a program that recognizes just 11 companies providing top innovative, impactful and scalable climate change solutions.

Launching in June, the three-month program will grant 75F access to Google's facilities, engineering and machine learning expertise. This will accelerate the deployment of 75F's IoT-based building management system to a range of buildings around the world and will help increase energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and comfort in those spaces.

"75F's innovative approach to machine learning in the commercial buildings space makes them an important fit for the first Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change cohort," said Jason Scott, head of Startup Developer Ecosystems at Google. "We're looking forward to seeing where Google's mentorship and expertise will take 75F in its mission to make buildings operate more efficiently and intuitively."

"Our selection to Google's climate change accelerator program is an honor and a great asset to the 75F team," said 75F founder and CEO, Deepinder Singh. "We know that our takeaways from this experience will help clear the path to a future in which all commercial buildings have the technology they need to run efficiently and affordably."

The majority of commercial buildings in the U.S. do not have a modern building management system today due to the cost and complexity of traditional solutions. Buildings without smart HVAC and lighting controls lack the ability to optimize and automate energy savings, remotely access or update control sequences, or redirect air based on occupancy or sensor data. 

Through this collaboration with Google, 75F will accelerate its delivery of breakthrough technologies to a wide range of equipment and building types that cannot justify the cost of a traditional controls solution today. 

This is the fourth major announcement for 75F in the last several months, following its selection as a 2021 BloombergNEF Pioneer, a 2021 Global Cleantech 100 company, and the New York State Research Authority's Clean Fight New York. With today's announcement, 75F establishes itself as a leader in energy efficiency and smart building technology.

About 75F 75F designs and manufactures the world's leading IoT-based Building Management System, an out-of-the-box, vertically integrated solution that is more affordable and easier to deploy than anything on the market today. The company leverages IoT, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning for data-driven, proactive building intelligence and controls for HVAC and lighting optimization. Investors include some of the biggest names in energy and technology. 75F's mission is to improve occupant productivity through enhanced comfort and indoor air quality — all while saving energy and the environment. Visit www.75f.io and @75f_io to learn more.