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6 Reasons to Differentiate in 2021

6 Reasons to Differentiate in 2021

Does your contracting business dare to be different in 2021? From filtration and ventilation strategies that facilitate air circulation, to UV lights that sanitize and fight contaminants, indoor air quality (IAQ) is in the spotlight this year and there is no shortage of technologies to support IAQ.

Standing out in a saturated marketplace requires an approach that goes beyond technology and devices. A technology/equipment driven approach to business growth can quickly turn a contractor’s business into a commodities provider. What if your team’s HVAC technicians were viewed not as “installers” or “servicers” of equipment, but as experts with the know-how to resolve the problem at its root cause?

Many contractors are all too familiar with unnecessary call-backs and the frustration that comes from running diagnostics only to find that the system is operating properly. In many cases, the root problem is literally not visible – but tucked away in a home’s ductwork. Data from Energy Star reports that an average home loses up to 30% of air that moves through the duct system due to leaks, holes and poorly connected ducts.Getting the ducts in order by replacing and resealing old ductwork can help optimize air quality, comfort and energy costs. And when a problem is resolved at its root, unnecessary callbacks are avoided. 

The AirCare™ Contractor Program Supports Contractors Business Six WaysWith an eye on elevating the technician’s role as expert, and supporting the economics of contractors’ businesses, Owens Corning’s Air Distribution developed the AirCare™ Contractor Program. Proven by a cohort of leading contractors, the program supports homeowners’ comfort and contractors’ bottom lines. Following are six contractor benefits gleaned from a year-long pilot study: 

1. Revenue and profitability. Management guru Peter Drucker famously stated, “The purpose of a business is to create a customer.”  But a customer should be profitable; and that can be a challenge in a highly competitive marketplace. The AirCare™ Contractor Program provides a new model to generate revenue throughout the year while differentiating in the marketplace. One member of the contractor cohort charged with evaluating this model was able to add more than $100,000 in revenue based solely on the Owens Corning insulation upgrade  service. What’s more, this achievement occurred during the first quarter of 2020 as social distancing efforts went into overdrive.

2. Housing market growth. As the existing housing market is experiencing levels of activity not seen in nearly two decades, it is worth noting that many of the homes built during the housing bubble of the late 1990s and early 2000s were built to a much lower energy code. Homebuyers want to get the infrastructure right when it comes to their investment in a new home. Assuring the integrity of the ductwork can complement other improvements to maximize the value of a homebuyer’s investment.

3. Invisible contaminants. As the surge in IAQ technologies demonstrates, homeowners are concerned about protecting the quality of the air inside their homes. It’s not just the things you can see, but the contaminants and irritants that go undetected that can threaten comfort and energy efficiency. The technology included in the AirCare™ Contractor Program toolkit, helps visualize the cost of lost energy visible to the homeowner by showing how holes, poor connections and leaks can introduce dust and contaminants into the air.

4. Flattening the labor curve. Demand peaks and ebbs are the nature of the energy sector and the contracting business. The AirCare™ Contractor Program provides an opportunity to level out a contractor’s business throughout the year, by addressing issues between regularly scheduled maintenance. 

5. Asset management. A customer’s investment in a high-efficiency system will not deliver its full value if conditioned air is lost due to problems with the ductwork. By getting the ductwork right, homeowners can protect their HVAC investment and support air quality. Not only will this result in less wear on the equipment, but properly sized ducts can also result in fewer defect-free callbacks.

6. Reputation Management. Offering the duct retrofit service allows contractors to differentiate in the marketplace and positions the contractor as an expert on comfort and energy efficiency. 

Learn more about the duct retrofit service at: www.owenscorning.com/retrofit-contractor

Jessica Bazzi is the AirCare Contractor Program Leader for Owens Corning.