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The Benefits of Installing a Split System Air Conditioner in Your Home

Last updated: 04-03-2021

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The Benefits of Installing a Split System Air Conditioner in Your Home

The Benefits of Installing a Split System Air Conditioner in Your Home

With summer just around the corner, it may soon feel too hot to venture outside in many parts of the country. Without proper air conditioning, the interior of your home may not provide reprieve from the heat either. If you need to replace your air conditioning system, there are a number of different choices you need to make.   One option you should consider is a split system air conditioner. Here are some of the benefits these units offer over other choices on the market:   Easier Installation Thanks to its design, one of the benefits of a split system AC unit is the fact that no duct work is involved. A split system air conditioner is composed of an outside unit paired with an indoor unit, which can be as far as 100 feet apart. However, they're joined by tubes and wires, not air ducts. Due to this, installation will be far easier and require far less labor than a traditional air conditioning system.   More Energy Efficient Another benefit associated with this kind of setup is that it'll make your home's heating and cooling system more energy efficient. With a traditional AC unit, the air moves through air ducts and loses energy and coolness as it moves along. This requires the AC to work harder to maintain the proper temperature inside your home. This is not the case with split system units, as you'll only need to install a unit in the rooms you need cooled (rather than throughout your entire home), which results in less wasted energy.   A Quieter System A split system AC unit can also bring you more joy due to the fact that it'll be very quiet. Split system air conditioners are quieter than duct-based systems or window air conditioning units. Most of the noise will be produced by the outdoor unit, and that should be far enough away from you that you won't hear it.   It'll Save You Money A split system air conditioner will typically be cheaper than other AC options. Also, installation will likely be much cheaper due to the fact that there's no duct work involved. Since a split system AC unit is so energy efficient, it'll also help you save on utility bills over the life of the system.

There are many benefits to choosing a split system air conditioner for your home. It will be easier to install, save you money, operate more quietly and be more energy efficient. Consider one when you weigh your options for choosing a new AC unit.

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