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Ductless Installations from 2020 | Ductless Installation Case Study Recap

Last updated: 01-03-2021

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Ductless Installations from 2020 | Ductless Installation Case Study Recap

As 2020 draws to a close, we’re taking some time to reflect on what was truly a monumental year. As we acknowledge the challenges that our industry faced worldwide, we’re also celebrating the successfulductless and VRF installationprojects we were able to help complete with our partners.

We’ve picked out a handful of our favorite ductless and VRF case studies below and hope you’ll enjoy revisiting them with us!

This residential project was challenging but ended up being one of the most rewarding installations we took on in 2020. Here, we were approached to assist in designing and selecting a ductless system to deliver optimized comfort inside this Connecticut cape house, built in 1954 by the client’s grandparents.

Prior to installation, the house relied on an outdated baseboard heating system and no air conditioning. We were able to recommend a three-zone Carrier ductless heat pump to keep the space comfortable all-year-round without significantly changing the appearance of this beautiful house.

For this next project, we assisted with another home improvement project — this time in beautiful Sanibel, Florida. Specifically, this home was going through some extensive renovations that involved modernizing its design and replacing the existing HVAC equipment with something more energy-efficient and customizable.

Ultimately, we recommended a Toshiba-Carrier five-ton single-phase VRF system for this large home because we knew it would work with its very open layout and could accommodate several separate air handlers as well.

Thanks to this equipment, the Sanibel residence can enjoy precise temperature control while retaining its beautiful and expansive open floorplan.

When our team was approached to assist with designing a VRF system for LinkedIn’s new regional office, we were happy to take on the challenge. One of the most difficult aspects of this project was that the building’s initial plans required a much smaller system. Once the size of the building increased, we knew that we would need to redesign the layout of the building’s ductwork to accommodate a VRF system.

Fortunately, after working alongside the engineer, we were able to help create a new building layout based on the dimensions of the 436-ton Toshiba-Carrier heat-recovery system. This system, which utilizes a total of 221 fan coils, is now delivering the comfort and energy-efficiency that the hard-working employees of LinkedIn deserve.

The renovation of the historic Colonial Inn was another project the CE team was proud to take part in. Built in the 1800s, this building was being renovated and developed into a hotel, restaurant/bar, and special event space.

We worked alongside engineers throughout this project to ensure that our VRF design would respect the building’s original one and conform to historical building laws. Ultimately, we recommended a VRF system that did not require any ductwork to be installed. Thanks to the 20- and 28-ton heat recovery systems (as well as the 24-ton heat pump), the Colonial Inn can remain comfortable year-round without any disruption to the structure itself.

In another Florida residential project, CE was tasked with recommending a replacement for a home’s existing HVAC system – one that was very inefficient and consisted of seven air conditioning condensers. Meanwhile, the homeowners wanted a solution that would produce minimal noise with equipment located far from the residence itself.

A series of four Toshiba-Carrier six-ton single-phase heat recovery units ended up being the best solution for this property. The homeowners can now control the temperature in different zones of the house to save money while remaining comfortable. Meanwhile, because of the long-line length capabilities of the VRF equipment, the equipment could be installed behind the home’s pool house to help reduce noise.

We hope you enjoyed looking back on some of our favorite 2020 projects as much as we did. Here’s to hoping that 2021 is another great year!

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