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Mike Creamer assumes IOR presidency - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Last updated: 11-23-2020

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Mike Creamer assumes IOR presidency - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Trainer and consultant Mike Creamer has taken up his two-year post as president of the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR). In his speech to members at the recent IOR AGM, he outlined his aims to increase awareness of the industry with government and described his work in developing a new type of compressor.

Mr Creamer, who runs Hampshire-based Business Edge, told the audience: “I am very honoured to have been charged with this responsibility and will do my very best for this wonderful industry and the excellent people that are part of it. The IOR provides our industry with a wealth of technical information and advice with particular emphasis on environment, efficiency, safety and innovation.”

He went on to describe the institute as an “essential forum” for people all over the world to share knowledge and to advance technology applications.

Mr Creamer said, “It does great work in raising education standards, addressing environmental concerns and providing technical guidance.  I look forward to playing an important part in growing the institute and supporting its members during my time as president.”

Mr Creamer has been an IOR member for 35 years. He said of the experience,  “I have enjoyed my membership of the IOR for many years, recognising its fine work and excellent contribution to our industry. Even so, there is still much to do, learn and pass on, especially with so many new industry changes and challenges.”

He also described a passion for the reduction of energy in the use of cooling technology: “My field performance analysis work regularly shows me the huge air conditioning power consumption within buildings and how as much as 30 per cent can be saved by eliminating inefficiency via simple adjustments. Increasing awareness of this environmental opportunity will be one of my objectives as IOR president.”

Mr Creamer said he is also keen to raise awareness of the industry and its impact in the corridors of government by “addressing both the need for and the means of reducing the UK’s energy consumption through effective heating and cooling policies”.

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