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Answering Customer IAQ Concerns with Proven Methods - ACCA HVAC Blog

Last updated: 09-22-2020

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Answering Customer IAQ Concerns with Proven Methods - ACCA HVAC Blog

The conversation around indoor air quality and interest in cleaner air continues to grow as consumers become savvier about how what they breathe impacts health and daily living. Our industry is positioned to provide solutions to their growing concerns as we begin to understand the airborne threats homes face, the precise needs of our customers, and the proven methods we can employ for improving indoor air quality.

Insights into today’s quality of indoor air reinforce reasons for consumer concern.  Human-emitted airborne particles like COVID-19 have changed how our world operates and thinks about IAQ. And that raised awareness has us thinking about the fast-approaching seasonal flu.

As all-consuming as these health hazards might currently seem, a pre-COVID-19 report from the EPA highlighted other IAQ threats also lurking indoors. It found that, “Americans, on average, spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, where the concentrations of some pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations.” The majority of the offending indoor pollutants, the EPA said, originate from these key areas

As HVAC providers, we have the opportunity to advise homeowners on ways they can improve their indoor air quality and assist them in developing personalized solutions to meet their unique needs.  This starts with inquiring into the homeowner’s challenges and determining if they fit into one of these key categories that would benefit from an added IAQ solution:

After establishing a homeowner’s reasons to consider IAQ improvements, we can share recommendations built upon ASHRAE research and findings that were recently published in response to COVID-19 but serve well to address common IAQ concerns

Here are examples of how to turn those recommendations into beneficial solutions for customers:

Armed with these recommendations, an understanding of our homeowners’ needs and a knowledge of what airborne pollutants they face, we can provide our customers with proven methods for improving their indoor air quality.

*Removes up to 99.9% Influenza A virus from filtered air, as reported 12/4/2015 by armid health group.

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