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Social Media Tips for HVAC Contractors

Last updated: 08-26-2020

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Social Media Tips for HVAC Contractors

People want an HVAC contractor they can trust—one that will give them fair pricing and treat their home with respect. So how do they find this person? More times than not, they turn to social media. By interacting with you on social media, they will get to know you and begin to trust you, so you will be the clear choice when it comes time to hire an HVAC contractor.  

The good news is that social media doesn’t have to be complicated. By following these five social media tips, you can build your online audience, encourage engagement, and grow your brand. 

One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating social media content is that people are scrolling through their feeds looking for something interesting to read. This means you need to find eye-catching, unique images and/or videos to post that will actually make people stop scrolling. 

To be successful with your social media endeavors, you must engage your followers. One of the best ways to do this is to share content that speaks directly to their needs. Position yourself as the expert in the industry and offer solutions to common problems. Remind your customers of the need for seasonal servicing, share helpful tips that help to solve common problems, but be careful to not come across too self promotional. Share articles from reputable resources in the industry and be sure to tag them in your post. Another great way to use social media is to give your customers an inside peek into your business. Share employee spotlights or videos of successful installations. Anything that can provide a personality and an inside look at what sets you apart from others. You also don’t always have to share posts about HVAC. Think outside of the box and share content that you know suits the lifestyle of your customers and their interests. 

All too often, brands will receive comments on their posts, but never respond to them. The entire point of social media is to build trust with your customers, which means two-way communication is crucial. Spend a few minutes each day interacting with your followers, providing helpful HVAC tips or simply acknowledging their comments. This will increase your authenticity and trust factor. 

People love to win contests, which makes them an excellent option for improving your engagement. Host a sweepstakes giving away something of value, like concert tickets or a free HVAC inspection. Designate criteria that must be followed for someone to enter the giveaway, such as posting a creative picture and tagging your company or sharing your post, and then randomly select a winner. 

Social media is all about humanizing your brand, which means it is not the place to push your services. While you can talk about them occasionally, try to start conversations about trending topics and other things that might interest your followers. It’s all about starting the conversation in whatever way you can.  

While you may not initially think about building a social media presence as an HVAC contractor, it is an important part of any successful business in today’s online-driven world. By investing a little bit of time into conversing and engaging with your followers, you can become their trusted HVAC contractor for life. To learn more, contact CE today. 

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