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IAQ Home Solutions | Improve Breathability Indoors with IAQ

Last updated: 08-26-2020

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IAQ Home Solutions | Improve Breathability Indoors with IAQ

Today’s homeowners are continually looking for ways to improve their indoor air quality, and they’re turning to HVAC professionals like you to make the right product recommendations to suit their lifestyles. After all, it’s no secret that poor indoor air quality can contribute to health challenges that include respiratory diseases and chronic health problems. And unfortunately, the EPA estimates that about 60% of all homes in the United States contain air that is considered dangerous to breathe.

With whole-home solutions from CE—including air filtration and purification products—it’s easier than ever for homeowners to dramatically improve their indoor air quality. From germicidal UV lights to ionic air scrubbers and everything in between, CE has the IAQ products you need to serve your clients’ needs and help them breathe a little easier.

One product worth recommending to homeowners is the TechPure Air Cleaner, which is designed to remove airborne particles for fresher air inside the home. Specifically, this equipment works to clean indoor air every time the home’s furnace or air conditioning system runs. Using electrostatically charged, 100% synthetic media, this air cleaner comes with both MERV 11 and MERV 15 filter options to suit your clients’ needs. And for easy care and maintenance, a single filter on this air cleaner can last for up to a year.

Another popular IAQ product CE is happy to carry is the Air Knight IPG, which delivers the ultimate in proactive air purification. This particular product works best when paired with an air filtration system because it uses a unique bi-polar ionization system that forces airborne particles to clump together. This, in turn, makes it easier for the home’s existing filtration system to remove bacteria, viruses, mold, smoke, VOCs, and more from the air.

With the use of the Air Knight® IPG, studies have even shown a 99.97% bacteria reduction on indoor surfaces after using this product over a 24-hour period.

The TechPure UV light is yet another IAQ accessory that works well with a home’s existing filtration system. This germicidal UV light can be quickly and easily installed and immediately gets to work in disinfecting various components of the home’s HVAC system. This includes drip pans, duct surfaces, coils, and more.

And unlike some other IAQ products that are only effective when the HVAC system is running, this germicidal UV light works 24/7 to fight mold and bacterial growth.

Finding the right parts and IAQ products for your customers’ HVAC system is an important part of running a successful HVAC business. If you’re looking for a supplier that has the IAQ products you need right when you need them, look no further than CE. We carry a wide range of today’s most trusted brands, allowing you to keep stock of products and parts and at competitive prices. Meanwhile, convenient tools like CE’s EasyStock make it simple to manage inventory and order additional products as needed.

With the right air filtration and purification products, you can help homeowners achieve better indoor air quality. Ready to place an order or want to learn more about a product highlighted here? The knowledgeable and friendly CE team is here to assist you!

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