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Five HVAC Trade Shows You Should Know About in 2020

Last updated: 08-27-2020

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Five HVAC Trade Shows You Should Know About in 2020

When you’re in the HVAC industry, staying on top of the latest trends is not just a good idea—it’s a must if you want to remain competitive. Changes in HVAC technology and the introduction of new equipment can happen practically overnight, and attending industry-related trade shows is one of the best ways to stay in the loop. Not to mention, HVAC trade shows often have hundreds (if not thousands) of attendees, which can provide you with some excellent networking opportunities.

While there are dozens of different HVAC trade shows held across the country throughout the year, a handful of those garner the highest attendance. Be sure to add these trade shows to your calendar and considering registering for one today!

This conference is put on by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) and typically brings in around 1,000 attendees from across the United States. This year’s event will take place in St. Louis and will focus on a wide range of employment-related topics in the HVAC industry. This includes digital marketing for recruitment, tips for employee retention in HVAC businesses and more.

Formerly known as GLOBALCON, the AEE East Conference and Expo is put on by the Association of Energy Engineers and will take place in Cincinnati this year. This is typically a very large conference, and it is not uncommon to see close to 3,000 people in attendance across both days. Topics at this conference include advancements in energy management and alternative energy.

Another huge industry trade show to add to your list this year is the Eastern Energy Expo, which can attract upwards of 4,000 attendees. One of the nice things about this event is that it’s more than just a trade show; it also includes a special awards banquet for the National Association of Oil and Energy Service Providers, as well as some fundraising opportunities and special training sessions covering a wide range of industry-related topics.

The ASHRAE Annual Conference is a great trade show to attend, covering topics ranging from energy efficiency to professional development and everything in between. This event brings in around 1,500 attendees and takes place over the course of five days, making it one of the longest HVAC trade shows. Whether you stay the entire week or only come for a couple of days, most HVAC professionals can stand to get a lot out of this event.

Taking place in Indianapolis this year is the PHCC Connect 2020 Conference, which is an excellent choice for those seeking hands-on learning experiences. This event usually brings in around 800 people and offers more than 20 different training sessions for you to take part in.

If you’re thinking about attending any HVAC industry trade shows this year, these are a few worth looking into a little further. If you’d like to do more research on other events happening this year, check out this handy calendar, which covers 35 different events across the country in 2020. Regardless of which events you end up attending, we’re confident that these HVAC trade shows can help you network and stay on top of changes in this dynamic industry!

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