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How Customers Choose an HVAC Contractor | Certified HVAC Contractor 

Last updated: 09-03-2020

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How Customers Choose an HVAC Contractor | Certified HVAC Contractor 

It’s no secret that competition is fierce in the HVAC industry. No matter where you’re doing business, you likely have competition from several (if not dozens) of other contractors. Ultimately, the most successful HVAC businesses are going to be the ones that take their customers’ expectations and needs into consideration. By having a better understanding of the most common things clients look for when choosing an HVAC contractor, you can take measures to impress and accommodate your prospective customers. 

As with nearly any service, clients will use the internet to research an HVAC contractor’s reputation and reviews before even requesting a quote. While a lack of reviews won’t necessarily send a potential customer running, numerous negative reviews likely will. Make sure to encourage your satisfied clients to leave reviews online and/or provide testimonials that you can display on your website. Word of mouth can go a long way in garnering new business as an HVAC professional! 

When homeowners and business owners need to replace major components of their HVAC systems, they generally want to upgrade to more energy-efficient units with innovative technology. As a result, they’ll turn their attention to HVAC contractors who can provide them with the newest and most state-of-the-art HVAC  equipment available. A contractor who carries older equipment and parts is a sign of a contractor who hasn’t stayed up to date on advancements in the industry—and thus isn’t likely to gain new business easily. 

Believe it or not, most residential and commercial HVAC customers aren’t looking for the absolute lowest price these days. Instead, they’re looking to see which HVAC contractor can give them the best overall value for their hard-earned money. Most clients are willing to spend a little more on quality equipment that is installed and serviced by experienced technicians—and they understand that a price that looks “too good to be true” probably is. 

With this in mind, make sure you’re offering your prospective customers competitive pricing andoverall excellent value. Don’t worry so much about being the cheapest service in the area. 

Today’s HVAC customers are doing their research more than ever before, so don’t be surprised when a prospective client asks about your specific certifications and/or licensing. Be prepared to provide proof of any professional licensing or certifications you and other contractors within your business hold. If you’ve recently engaged in any continuing HVAC education (such as attending a professional conference), don’t hesitate to mention this as well. 

Carrying insurance is another must. Liability insurance provides clients with added peace of mind, so be prepared to have proof available. 

If your HVAC business doesn’t have a physical office location to speak of, this could be hurting your ability to attract new clients. HVAC customers these days are suspicious of any business that doesn’t advertise a physical address—and rightfully so. Make sure your business has an official address and that it is listed not just on your website, but on your Google Business page and other directories as well. 

These are just a few of the most important things today’s customers are looking for when they choose an HVAC contractor for a major repair, replacement, or installation job. Checking all these boxes can improve your ability to bring new customers to your business and will allow you to stand out in an increasingly competitive industry. To make sure you’re offering your clients the state-of-the-art equipment they demand, trust our team at CE and contact us today. And for more of the latest industry news, be sure to check out our blog! 

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