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15 Things New Homeowners Totally Need (and Some They Actually Want)

15 Things New Homeowners Totally Need (and Some They Actually Want)

Housewarming gifts help a new house feel like a home. This is especially important when it comes to a first home, but what do your friends or family actually need? Sure, a candle or a bottle wine is a great gift, but is it something that they'll use to maintain or improve the home? Check out this list of the best gifts for new homeowners with practical things they totally need (and a few they actually want). 

​Whether hanging a painting or fixing a broken drawer, new homeowners need a set of tools tocomplete improvement projectsaround the house. There's quite a few items that should be in their toolbox, including but not limited to: Hex keys (for almost every DIY piece of furniture). buy a starter kit If you know your friends don't have a toolbox, buy a starter kit with a brand-new set of tools. If you're feeling really generous, pitch for a few power tools. 

One of the most thoughtful gifts for new homeowners, a welcome mat sets the tone for the entire house. It greets guests before they even set a foot inside and shows off the occupants love of dogs or their eccentric side, if the mat has a unique phrase. (We recommend this friendly greeting.) Plus, a welcome mat also keeps the entrance clean by giving guests a place to wipe their feet before they enter. Score!

​Sure, this might not be a glitz and glam gift for the new homeowners in your life, but every home needs one of these. For those hard-to-reach shelves or just hanging the TV, a step stool gives a boost when needed. Just remind the receiver to be super careful when using one, which is why we recommend the "non-slip" kind!

Again, this may not be a staple at housewarming parties, but when you need a plunger – you absolutely, positively need a plunger. In fact, new homeowners need more than one plunger – one for each bathroom and one for the kitchen sink. Sure, you might feel a bit uncomfortable walking into a party with a bow and a plunger, but it is the ultimate practical gift for new homeowners.

Batteries are lifesavers. Literally. From the smoke detector to the flashlight to the TV remote (Hey, Outlander is on!) – a new homeowner needs a lot of batteries when getting their new home up and running. And if children are moving in, batteries are essential to prevent toys from giving out on that first night.

​Give the gift every homeowner needs more of – space. Organizers help new homeowners to tackle their kitchen with places to hold pots, pans, bakeware, or even canned cranberry sauce. They can help take control of the closets with bucket or clear hanging options. Even tiny houses can seem huge with the right storage and organizational accoutrements. Learn more about organizing your home with our recent episode of the vipHome Podcast with NEAT Method. 

There's (almost) nothing more frustrating than coming home and finding the dishes in the dishwasher not cleaned. That's why some of the best cheap gifts for new homeowners are the "clean" and "dirty" magnets. By slapping on the "dirty" magnet, homeowners can let their partners or roommates know it's time to run the dishwasher…or not. If one had the time to slap on the "dirty" magnet, one might have had time to run the dishwasher. (We still think they're cool.)

​A heavy-duty wet/dry shop vac is the product every homeowner may never want but needs to have for those "just in case" situations. Whether a sump pump decides to give out at the most inopportune time – like in the middle of a hurricane – or the home has a pool, a shop vac is one of the best practical housewarming gifts.

​One container is never enough. With glass, cans, paper, plastic, and even a fancy-schmancy "donation" bins – you can always be ready on recycling day with your items already sorted and ready for pick-up. And on those days you receive clothing requests from charities, you're all ready to go with a separate bag.

There's no place like home, and a scented candle with essential oils is one of the quickest ways to make a new house feel like a home. With the new homeowners' favorite scent permeating the space, they can relax in utter bliss. Of course, it may take a little spy work to find out the homeowners' favorite scent, but we recommend lily and coconut milk, or lavender and eucalyptus.

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