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Build Your Real Estate Dream Team With Strategic Partnerships

Build Your Real Estate Dream Team With Strategic Partnerships

It’s difficult to describe a day in the life of an agent because there’s an array of responsibilities ranging from marketing themselves and their listings to cleaning and prepping homes for sale. Pair the long list of agent responsibilities with increased pressure to provide an all-in-one listing and home sale solution, and you’ve got the modern agent.

With so many responsibilities, it’s not surprising that hiring an assistant is top of mind for many agents—but not everyone is at a point in their career that they can justify hiring an assistant. The good news is that while there’s a lot of pressure for agents to provide the highest level of service, there are also a lot of companies out there that can help you create a customized, concierge-like experience—without hiring an assistant, losing sleep or cloning yourself (tell me you haven’t thought about it!).

What if we told you that you can start building your real estate dream team without actually hiring anyone? All you have to do is develop the right partnerships with financial or legal firms, other agents and home service providers.

How to leverage relationships with financial and legal firms. To get the most out of partnerships with these firms, you should look for some overlap within yours and their target audiences. You can work with an estate or divorce attorney to get easy referrals. You can also work with lenders, mortgage brokers and moving companies to provide next-level service for clients and also develop a steady referral program.

Just make sure to do your due diligence to ensure you’re partnering with people you can trust. Make sure to also provide them with the right information and materials to refer their customers to you.

Leveraging relationships with other REALTORS®. There’s a lot that you can get from developing relationships and partnering with other agents. Whether it’s a mentorship, a referral source or just a peer, these relationships can provide you with knowledge, a wider network and even referrals.

There are pros and cons to partnering with another agent. Your best bet is to partner with someone who covers a slightly different market than yourself to avoid direct competition.

Working with home-service providers to lessen your workload. Having your go-to handyman, painter, landscaper and stager isn’t a novel concept. Agents learned long ago that applying a fresh coat of paint, addressing deferred maintenance, tending to curb appeal and staging help a home sell faster, and for more.

With sellers expecting agents to provide more and more services (including pre-listing improvements), just having a couple of service providers that you have to manage is no longer enough. That’s why Curbio works exclusively with real estate agents to provide the best home improvement experience for real estate transactions.

“I always felt supported as kind of a team member with [Curbio],” says Los Angeles agent David Silvas. “It wasn’t like you were a third party coming in—you guys made it work in a way that really boosted my brand by working as a team rather than just providing a list of contractors.”

We work with agents to take on anything from basic repairs and painting to whole-home rehabs to get listings market-ready. Speed is key in real estate and, therefore, a major focus for Curbio, which is why we offer a pay-at-closing model and use technology to get projects done 65% faster than the average GC. And with no minimum or maximum project scope, no fees or interest and the ability to take on any project, we’re helping agents across the country get homes market-ready fast.

The best part of all of this is that you don’t have to manage any aspect of your pre-listing preparations because we’re the general contractor on every Curbio project. Our project managers are full-time (W-2) employees, and they manage and execute your projects from the permits through the punchlist—all while keeping you in the loop with constant communication through the Curbio app.