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Smart Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly - Realty Times

Smart Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly - Realty Times

When you’re getting ready to sell your home, it's important to make your home look outstanding in order to attract buyers and get your asking price. However, prepping your home to go on the market can be an overwhelming and stressful task. There are a lot of things to consider and remember when trying to make your home enticing to potential buyers; and a lot of the time, people don't know where to start.

If a home is attractive, up to date, clean, features working appliances, and doesn’t need too many renovations, the property value will likely go up. Staging your home to sell can also end up being an investment, it’s crucial to make sure you aren’t breaking the bank when prepping your home for selling. Below are some tips and tricks to stage your home with popular and affordable trends before putting it on the market in the new year.

Adding pops of color is a quick and easy way to stay up to date with trends when putting your home up for sale. Though neutral colors are a safe go-to in interior design, being bold with colors can help you sell your home quickly in the new year because people will be attracted to this bold interior design choice. It’s recommended to keep a majority of the decor inside your home neutral because you can add small amounts of bold colors to these spaces that will authenticate your home to buyers. Here are some ways to add pops of color in your home prior to putting your house on the market:

Using color to your advantage when staging your home will make your home stand out to potential buyers; with a memorable home, it’s likely you will be able to sell it faster.

Lighting fixtures are also a fantastic way to make your home stand out to potential buyers. In the new year, a popular trend in interior design is the incorporation of unique lighting fixtures. Some unique lighting fixtures to consider are:

The right lighting can completely transform a room. Lighting fixtures are an important trend to keep watch for when selling your home because it demonstrates how light can be manipulated in any given room. People are beginning to get more creative with interior design and one of the ways they are doing this is with authentic ways to display light.

In addition to incorporating unique lighting fixtures when staging your home, remember to manipulate natural sunlight too. Open blinds or curtains to show off how well-lit a room can be.

A hot design trend is bringing the outdoors in with the eco-inspired interior design. Using neutral textures and tones in your interior is an interior design choice that almost everyone is attracted to; it looks fresh and clean while also creating a nature-inspired feeling of relaxation.

Creating an eco-inspired interior can also mean creating a room that focuses on improving air quality and using furniture that has limited impacts on the environment. How can you make an interior eco-inspired to increase the chances of selling? Here are a few ways:

Living spaces that are eco-inspired are appealing for all ages and demographics of people so restyling your space to bring nature indoors could positively impact the sale of your home. By incorporating style into the space, your home improvement project will have a focused approach, which could save you both time and money as you get the property ready to sell.

Neutral paint is the best color choice for walls; the reason being, it is appropriate for any room, large or small; from bedrooms to living rooms and even the bathroom. Neutral colored walls allow for a lot of wiggle room in terms of decorating a space that will be attractive to a potential buyer. Neutral, or earth tones, create feelings of balance and calmness in a room, feelings that everyone wants when they are at home. Putting a fresh coat of neutral paint on your walls can brighten up a room, making it look fresh and welcoming.

Similarly, painting baseboards, the ceiling, and the trim of your walls in a neutral hue will create more feelings of balance and calmness which will further attract potential buyers. This will also get potential buyers’ attention because touching up these areas is often something people have to do when they move in; if they see it is already freshly done, they will be even more intrigued to your home.

However, it’s important to take note, if your walls aren’t already a neutral color, a fresh coat of paint can impact the sale of your home too; overall people will be attracted to spaces that don’t need touch-ups upon moving in.

The exterior of your home is just as important to consider as the interior when dealing with trends that will impact the sale of your home. In fact, some home appraisers may argue that the landscape is one of the most important parts to take care of when selling your home, it’s the first thing that people see when they arrive.

Creating an attractive landscape can mean anything from staging your outdoor furniture in an appealing manner to making sure there aren’t any children's outdoor toys on the lawn. Some other things to consider when staging an attractive landscape include:

Most buyers want to have the option to entertain in their yard, whether that is the front or backyard. Staging an attractive landscape can prove to potential buyers that they can do this and that this attractive landscape is an added bonus to the home.

This is one of the keys to staging a home. Sometimes homeowners don’t utilize their space as best they could, which makes it hard for potential buyers to envision what a room may look like if rearranged differently. Take time to rearrange the furniture in an attractive way that best shows how a room can be set up and used. A way to rearrange the furniture in a beneficial way is to stage a room that you think people want to see.

Do you have a large master bedroom with multiple windows? Try showing that large space off by staging furniture around the perimeter of the room rather than in the center. Likewise, use the multiple windows to your benefit and open the curtains up to let the natural light illuminate the large space.

Rearranging your furniture can also turn awkward rooms or spaces into selling points. For example, if you have a nook or small room somewhere in your house, consider staging it as a workstation, sewing area, or even a mini-office.

This will give potential buyers ideas as to what they can do with that space, or they will enjoy your idea and be even more attracted to your home. This is a trend that is up and coming in interior design as people are becoming more interested in the DIY lifestyle; this can be attributed to ideas that people are seeing online and on social media sites.

People want to be able to envision themselves living in your staged home. It’s important to not make your house so staged that it looks more like an art gallery than a home; find the happy medium between staged and lived in. Of course make sure your home is extra clean, meaning, no dust or dirt, no pet odor, and no clutter on the counter-tops. However, making your home too clean will make it look like a model home rather than a real-life home.

Don’t get rid of the family feel of your home, leave your family photos on the fridge, organize your children’s toys rather than hiding them, straighten up your living room but don’t get rid of your favorite throw blanket just to create a staged appearance. In fact, people will be more likely to be attracted to a home that looks lived-in because they can relate.

A couple with young children will be more attracted to a staged home that has children’s drawings hung up on the wall rather than a home that has stereotypical, monotonous art on every corner because the seller thinks that is what people want to see.

Staging your home can have a major impact on the sale of it, especially in terms of how fast it will sell. Keeping up with the design trends of the new year is important in order to stage it in the best way possible for potential buyers.

Home staging trends change every year and it’s crucial to stay on top of these trends when trying to sell your home. As an example, savvy home appraisers in Philadelphia pointed out that both interior and exterior trends are important when determining the property value of a home;

Keep these home staging tips in mind in order to best portray these trends while also not spending thousands of dollars in renovations.