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6 DIY Tips That’ll Help Your Small Home Feel Spacious

Last updated: 03-26-2021

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6 DIY Tips That’ll Help Your Small Home Feel Spacious

We have a whole lot of public holidays coming up for the Easter break, and you know what that means: DIY time.

Long weekends and holiday seasons are the perfect time to dig into a little home renovation or redecorating. For once, you'll have the time available to get that DIY project out of the way. According to a recent study completed by Bunnings, as many as one in four Australians are looking to complete a DIY project over the Easter break, and more than half of us have unfinished projects laying around the house right now. So, if that's you - listen up.

One of the most common design conundrums modern folks deal with is a lack of space. Apartment living means that loads of us are cramped up in smaller areas, and without someclever design choices, those spaces can feel claustrophobic real fast.

If you're looking to fix that problem over the long weekend, we're here to help. I spoke with Alex Pilcher, curator and founder of lifestyle and events business, The White Place, over email to get her tips on opening up a small area.

Here are her 6 top suggestions.

"The easiest way to amplify light and space," Pilcher shared. "Place a mirror on your largest wall to reflect as much light and space as possible… a mirror can turn even the gloomiest area into a brighter one. The larger the mirror the brighter the space! If possible, place the mirror on a wall opposite a garden or exterior view to reflect the outside in."

Pop a coat of paint on it:

This is probably one of the most impactful choices you can make in your home, for little cost.

In a small space, it's easy to have bits and pieces build up around you. Pilcher suggested that to "Reduce clutter from your home, [you should] get creative with storage and dispose of unnecessary objects. Using one or two larger pieces of furniture is better than numerous smaller pieces."

With the popularity of plants right now, I doubt we need to tell you to buy more twice. But in any case, Pilcher shared that:

Let the light in:

If you want to give the illusion of space, your best approach is to "pare it back," Pilcher shared.

If you're taking on some DIY projects over the public holiday period, let us know. We'll do our best to share more tips you may need!

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