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7 things people are doing to their homes to overcome lockdown anxiety

Last updated: 01-11-2021

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7 things people are doing to their homes to overcome lockdown anxiety

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7 things people are doing to their homes to overcome lockdown anxiety
From painting to buying new home accessories...
Jan 7, 2021
BerezkoGetty Images
Painting, buying new home decor and redecorating are among the things Brits have been doing to their homes to beat lockdown anxiety , new research as found.
With a study by Ultra LEDs discovering that 59% of people have struggled mentally during the ongoing pandemic, it's no surprise that many have turned to small distractions to boost their mood.
Whether it's being separated from loved ones or battling loneliness , some of the ways Brits have been trying to cope include sprucing up their space (39%), decorating (51%), buying new home furnishings (45%) and making changes to home lighting (38%).
"Clearly, lockdown is having a negative impact on people's mental health, especially with a lack of daylight through the winter months and more miserable weather," Paul Garner, Head of Ecommerce at Ultra LEDs, says.
"Home improvements, such as lighting is such a simple but effective way to boost your mood in the home, with LED lights being a great way to do this as the light can be changed to suit your mood at the time. Purchasing new furnishings for the home, such as blankets and candles are also a great way to improve your wellbeing and can help you to relax on darker days."
Alyssa Stasiukonis / EyeEmGetty Images
Have you dabbled in any of these tasks? Take a look at some of the mood-boosting activities Brits have been doing at home...
Decorating (51%)
Buying new home furnishings (45%)
Using warm yellow lights to relax (41%)
Making changes to home lighting (38%)
Investing in daylight lamps (35%)
Painting (34%)
DIY jobs (27%)
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22 stylish, sustainable homewares pieces
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Forget what you thought about scratchy, recycled fabrics – these wool cushions are really comfy to snuggle up with. Choose from a denim blue or ochre tone, but we'd recommend the yellow as it really draws your eye. Your sofa will look much more cheerful as a result.
Why's it eco? The cover is made from recycled wool clothing and the cushion pad is filled with an eco-friendly polyester made completely from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.
Recycled Wool Blanket
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Every home needs a good wooly blanket – use it to wrap up in on your armchair on a winter's evening, as a picnic blanket in the summer or as a decorative throw for your sofa. You don't even have to faff about with hand-washing either, as these go straight in the machine – impressive.
Why's it eco? Each blanket is made from material that would otherwise go into landfill, with at least 70% being wool.
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Forget stuffy polyester or commercially farmed down duvets – this is a far more sustainable choice. Stock up on two or three so you're sorted for all seasons; they're available in a light and airy 4.5 tog up to a thick and luxurious 13. We know it's still chilly outside, but if you're savvy and invest now, you can get the lightest version for 25% off. 
Why's it eco? It's filled with GRS-certified recycled feather and down.
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When your current towels have reached the end of their life, recycle or donate them and then replace them with a set of these quality organic cotton ones instead. They're super soft and fluffy; we tried the bath sheet and it's a real treat. Even better, they're currently on sale, so now's the time to stock up. Choose from dusky pink, black, grey or ivory. 
Why's it eco? These towels are made from GOTS-certified (that's the highest standard possible) organic cotton. Among other credentials, that means that no nasty chemical fertilisers or pesticides were used to grow it.
Thea Recycled Knitted Throw
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We love this Dunelm throw. Not only is it completely affordable, but it comes in a choice of eight different colours. We opted for the Mink shade, which is a lovely warm neutral that works well with the pastel pink tones in my bedroom. 
Why's it eco? It's made entirely from recycled materials – 51% upcycled cotton and 49% recycled polyester 
Autumn Skies Dried Flower Posy
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Adding a bunch of flowers to your dining table, chest of drawers or console table is such an easy way to boost the mood of a room, but the cost of your weekly bouquets can soon add up. Opt for an (equally lovely) dried version instead and enjoy them for far longer. 
Why's it eco? Rather than buying a fresh bunch every week (and all the plastic wrapping and intensive farming that involves) these should last for at least a year, so long as they're well cared for. A worthy investment.
Wells Bubble Vase, Wide
This elegant vase has a pale blue tone that will make for a soothing addition to your dining table or dresser top. 
Why's it eco? It's made from 100% recycled glass. 
Vintage Pink Bamboo Bedding Set, Double
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This cosy bedding set comprises a sheet, duvet cover, two pillow cases in a matching dust bag. Our favourite is this dusky pink set but it's available in  four other colours  too.  
Why's it eco? It's made from 100% bamboo (yes, even the buttons), which is a highly sustainable resource as it's one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. It also only needs a third of the amount of water needed to grow thirsty cotton plants.
Vacuum Eco Kettle
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We all know not to overfill the kettle when we use it, but still, we often find ourselves with a couple of mugs of water leftover after making our morning cuppa. This innovative kettle keeps water hotter for longer after boiling, preventing the need to reboil for your next top-up.
Why's it eco? This kettle has vacuum flask technology that boils water efficiently then keep it hot for up to four hours – so you're not continuously re-boiling, saving money, time and energy.
Black & Natural Ekuri Seagrass Basket, Large
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Use these decorative baskets to store blankets and other bits and bobs in, or use them as a pot cover for your favourite house plants. Do remember to use a normal pot inside, as well though, to avoid them getting grubby or water leaking through!  
Why's it eco? They're handmade to Fairtrade standards from sustainably-sourced seagrass (which is totally biodegradable).
Vintage Blue Compost Bin
If the all-white look isn't for you, go for this organic bedding set from La Redoute instead, which is available in an array of bold and more neutral tones. 
Why's it eco? The cotton is organic, so no chemical pesticides were used throughout the production process.
Organic Natural 5 Piece Knife Block
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This minimal block is available in a sage green or calming oatmeal and contains all the knives you should need – a chef’s knife, carving knife, bread knife, utility knife and a paring knife. 
Why's it eco? The knives have been made from at least 85% recycled steel and the block and handles are part-made with wheat fibre; a natural by-product from the wheat farming industry that's usually burned. The bamboo lid on the block can also be recycled or composted. 
Organic Knife Set with Board
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Want to complete your set? Add this matching organic knife and chopping board set to your Viners collection. The knives are super-sharp and the board is great quality, too. 
Why's it eco? Like the knife set above, this set has been made from wheat fibre, which will break down under normal composting conditions within three to 36 months. 
Stainless Steel Lunch Box

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