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Small Houses - Fine Homebuilding

Last updated: 05-23-2020

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Small Houses - Fine Homebuilding

Small Houses
Looking for small house inspiration? FHB has you covered.
What these houses lack in square footage, they make up for in both sensibility and style. A few are truly tiny houses, but most are just modest homes that have been designed to help their homeowners live well within their means. These small yet efficient homes reveal everything that there is to love about downsizing—and there’s a lot. From home plans to design inspiration and beyond, this collection of Fine Homebuilding articles is full of smart ideas to get the most out of a home.
Architect Nir Pearlson designs a compact, sustainable home on the edge of an Oregon hamlet.
When converting this house on Martha's Vineyard from a two-family to a single-family, LDa Architecture & Interiors reworked the floor plan to make the home feel more spacious.
Tight space restrictions, unique cultural requirements, and the desire to age in place informed this compact, efficient design.
Inspiration for small houses and great ideas for living with less square footage
Designing a home is more daunting than any venture you're likely to encounter, as the challenges placed upon it are borne out of the most personal of demands. Get the…
While there are plenty of really big houses being built (do 2.54 people really need five bedrooms and over 3,000 sq. ft.?), there's no missing that small houses are a…
A compact home can feel roomy if the living space expands into the yard and the neighborhood around it.
Lanefab Design/Build’s client downsized from an adjacent 1920s main house into this 750-sq.-ft. single-bedroom abode with detached garage. Both the house and the garage were designed around a large magnolia…
A young family decides to build an architect-designed accessory dwelling unit on land owned by a relative instead of settling for a crowded condo.
Think $50 per square foot and $50 a month for utilities are unattainable? Government-sponsored research proves otherwise.
Two sisters hire an architect to turn a dilapidated Craftsman house in the city into a cozy shared retirement home.
This compact, panelized home takes its design inspiration from the vast Western landscape and local building traditions.
This energy-efficient bungalow makes for a cozy — and warm — retreat.
This 440-sq.-ft. house shows that well-designed homes can be comfortable and inviting no matter what their size.
Add convenience and comfort to small kitchens and baths.
These five Baths bathrooms prove that good things do indeed come in small packages.
Smart design moves make these four small-house kitchens feel comfortable, not cramped.
This small 1940s bungalow was redesigned to create an open and comfortable contemporary home.
This 800-sq.-ft. cottage uses 10 strategies for great comfort and style.
A small house on a small lot is the right choice for a growing family.
Learn some design secrets for remodeling a small bathroom floorplan layout without breaking the bank.
Two projects smaller than 1500 sq. ft. illustrate how to design a comfortable home with little impact on the site.
Multiuse rooms, built-in furniture, and carefully orchestrated sightlines are just a few of the tools that can help you to get the most out of the space you have
Whether you’re planning for retirement or looking to live life to the fullest right now, buying a small house might be the best way to achieve both goals
Five ideas for making a pocket-size house feel like so much more.
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