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How To Be Your Own Amazing Interior Designer

How To Be Your Own Amazing Interior Designer

If you are a fan of beautifully designed rooms and have endless Pinterest boards filled with interior design ideas you are dying to implement, this is for you. I’m going to teach you how to be your own amazing interior designer. While this is not a replacement for a real interior designer, who is worth their weight in gold on major remodeling and interior projects, rather this is going to let you in on how designers think so you can work interior magic for yourself.

A well designed home makes a home function better, provides a comfortable refuge and should reflect the personality homeowner. How does one achieve this?

Think Like An Interior Designer

In terms of functionality, start with the mantra: every room as a purpose. (The pretty stuff comes later, much later.) The first thing an interior designer does is ask a zillion questions in order to break down in detail how a room or home needs to function.

The next task is to determine exactly what changes need to occur to serve the room’s purpose and begin creating the budget, plan and the timeline. New furniture is fun, but if you need any interior construction or electrical or plumbing changes these  things likely need to happen first.

Shop now, buy nothing, it’s purely research which is the basis of the interior design plan. Now is the time to select all the parts and pieces of the new design from the fixtures, surface finishes, to the furniture, artwork, plus everything in-between. Interior designers select at least 80% of what is going in the room before the work begins.

Furniture, fixtures and finishes all have to pass the test of fulfilling the purpose of the room first. White marble countertops are gorgeous in bathrooms and kitchens where people don’t spill make-up or cook with tomatoes or red wine. Even if your intended project is just cosmetic, purpose comes first. A large round dining room table, with room to get in and out of the dining chairs, may not fit a narrow dining space or for a family with four young children it may not be not practical.

A beautiful home comes from authenticity, it is a looking-glass into your soul. Use colors which signify your interests, not based on the latest trend, what your mother likes or pretty pictures you’ve found online. Start with colors which speak to you. Love green and pink but not in the preppy way, consider jewel tones.

For professional looking results, remember this; rooms which connect or are viewable from another room have to coordinate, period. Colors, or variations of colors which weave throughout a home are the essence of creating a feeling of comfort.

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Interior designers are great at making a house into your home, a reflection of you and your family. By following this pragmatic approach on how to be your own interior designer, you’ll create rooms to fill you with a sense of delight and make anyone who enters remark, “this is so you.”