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A Vintage-Filled Jersey City Victorian is a Boho Wonderland

A Vintage-Filled Jersey City Victorian is a Boho Wonderland

Name: Joey Meyers, Mark Baehser, and Bridget (Cat) Location: Lincoln Park Neighborhood of Jersey City Size: 3,200 square feet Years lived in: 3 years, owned

It comes as no surprise that the owners of this home, Joey Meyers and Mark Baehser of Ball & Claw Vintage fame, are part of Brooklyn's chicest co-op, Dobbin St. While scouting for vintage finds for their stores in Bushwick and Williamsburg, the couple makes sure to keep the most precious items for their own home improvements. Their 19th-century house is situated in an up-and-coming district in Jersey City, New Jersey, with a homemade patisserie around the corner and old-fashioned delis on every block.

Their eclectic mid-century style combined with the large windows of their Victorian-era home make this space an urban daydream to walk through. Any of their many sunrooms hosts the potential for a comfortable afternoon read or nap. With five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and two busy schedules, the untapped renovations and projects for their home are endless. "We think about breaking down the walls of the top floor all of the time to make one large sun-filled studio," says Joey. "We'll get to it one day." The couple doesn't put any pressure on themselves when it comes to designing their home. Just as they seem to approach life, their home is a beautiful and ever-changing journey.

Inspiration: We draw most of our inspo through homes on Instagram! It's great to see so many different people's personal styles, their finds, and how they tie it all together in their homes. Some of our go-tos are @a1000xbetter, @liz_kamarul, @carlaypage, and @meneses75 to name a few.

Favorite Element: All of the windows in the home! We love having plants throughout, so all of the windows are a big help. We get tons of natural light, which is great since the winter months here can be long and gloomy.

Biggest Challenge: Our budget! Our house was built in the late 1800s, so there is always something that needs to be repaired, patched, replaced, or painted. Majority of everything we have in the home is thrifted, from estate sales, or Craigslist. Not being financially attached to pieces makes it easy to change up pieces.

What Friends Say: "It looks completely different since I was here last!" Since joining Dobbin St. Co-op (@dobbinstcoop), we tend to swap pieces out around the house a lot. If we find something amazing, we simply swap it for something around the house and the old piece heads to the shop.

Biggest Embarrassment: All of our unfinished projects! We have so many unfinished paint jobs. It's actually a joke when we give someone a tour because we can always show them the "before" color that's still on the wall.

Proudest DIY: We do not DIY (haha).

Biggest Indulgence: The back doors off of the kitchen leading to the backyard were definitely way out of our budget. We tried the standard big box store white door, but since it was at the end of the kitchen it was a total eyesore. We found these at a local salvage yard here in Jersey City.

Best Advice: Take your time! When we first moved in we rushed to fill all of the rooms with some not so great stuff. Over time we figured out how we wanted each room to feel and how we use the spaces. Take the time to find unique pieces you love so that your house feels unique.

Dream Sources: Any and everything from Pop and Scott, especially a sofa!

KITCHEN Kitchen Cabinets — BOBDYN IKEA Range Hood — Amazon Range — Blue Star Fridge — Commercial Kitchenaid (Craigslist) Farm Sink — IKEA Butcher Block countertops — IKEA Large Pendant Lights — eBay, Came out of a 1920s building Light Over Sink — Etsy Tall Butler's Cabinet — Craiglist. This piece was rescued out of an older home that was destroyed during hurricane Sandy. We just gave it a fresh coat of paint. Wood Shelving — They are old bleacher seats from a school that was torn down in Atlantic City. We got the pieces of wood from Recycling the Past and cut them to size. They have cut outs for the bleacher framing and even have kid's initials carved into them. Kitchen Island — Came out of a 1700s stone house in New Jersey. We built it up to counter height using salvaged legs from another old table. French Doors — 1920s imported from Barcelona. We got them from Amighini Architectural, local here in Jersey City.

BEDROOM Bed Frame — IKEA, but got it on Craigslist Linen Comforter — Target Teardrop Planter — Thrift store Nightstand/Dresser — Thrift store Floor Mirror — IKEA Woven Bench — Thrift store Moroccan Rug — Flea market in Arles, France Lady Portrait — Thrift store Mid-century Modern Lamps — Estate sale Skull Sketch — Artist friend sketched for us, Jakob Steensen

GUEST BEDROOM Bedding — Amazon Canvas Painting — Flea market Wicker Tulip Table —Craigslist Wood Floor Mirror — Mark bought this before we were together in a furniture store in SoHo, not sure where exactly. Woven Side Table — Thrift store Circle Mirror — Thrift store Brass Floor Lamp — Flea market Sheepskin — Estate sale Wicker Danny Ho Fong Sling Chairs — Craigslist Degroot Wood Slat Art — Estate sale