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Why Install Commercial Ductless A/C in Homes & Offices?

Why Install Commercial Ductless A/C in Homes & Offices?

When you think of an air conditioning system, what comes to mind? More than likely, the first thing you think of is a “traditional”HVAC systemwith a large outdoor compressor unit and an extensive channel of vents/ductwork. However, the reality is that more homeownersandbusiness owners are actually beginning to shift away from “traditional” central A/C units. Instead, they’re making the switch to ductless air conditioning systems — and for good reason.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a ductless system is that there is typically no need for any special retrofitting to prepare a building installation. This makes ductless A/C an ideal choice in older buildings where there may not be any existing ductwork — including historical buildings where retrofitting may not be an option.

With residential and commercial ductless A/C units, you can deliver cool air throughout a building by simply installing a small outdoor unit and a series of indoor air handlers. No ductwork, wall vents or other complicated preparations are required. This also makes ductless A/C installation relatively quick and easy.

Another advantage of installing a residential orcommercial ductless air conditioneris creating multiple “zones” throughout a building. Each zone that has its own air handler also comes with its own dedicated thermostat, making it possible to maintain different temperatures in different areas of the building as needed. This is a great way to keep everybody comfortable without wasting energy in the process!

Speaking of wasting energy, ductless AC units tend to be much more energy-efficient than their traditional HVAC counterparts. Because individual zone control means less cool air is wasted, ductless commercial air conditioners can run more efficiently than most standard central A/C units. Homeowners and business owners with ductless units may be able to cut down on their energy costs without sacrificing comfort in the process.

One major drawback of a “traditional” HVAC system that uses ductwork and vents is that dust and other debris can collect inside a building’s ductwork over time. This debris then gets circulated through the home, reducing indoor air quality and even causing respiratory issues for those with allergies and/or asthma.

Since a ductless system does not utilize ductwork, there is less risk of dust and other pollutants making their way into the indoor air. As a result, homeowners and business owners can enjoyimproved indoor air quality. This is especially true with units equipped with multi-layer filtration and other innovations to enhance air quality.

Why install a ductless system? As you can see, there are many benefits. There’s a lot to love about residential and commercial ductless units, from the ability to install without extensive retrofitting to the enhanced air quality and unrivaled comfort control.

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