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4 Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal

4 Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal

Improving your curb appeal is commonly associated with selling your home. While it does add value to your home and will help you in selling, improving your curb appeal has many other benefits to keep in mind. Your home’s curb appeal sets the tone for the rest of your home. It gives passersby a glimpse into who might live inside. Whether you’re planning to sell or not, having a well-maintained home is something to take pride in. Here are four easy ways to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Aside from creating a more welcoming home (that sells for more money), there are other benefits of improving your curb appeal. One big benefit is an increase in security. An unkempt home is a sign that there is no one around to care for it. This is particularly appealing to unwanted visitors who may be looking for an abandoned home. When your home is well-maintained, it is clear someone is actively living in it and caring for it. This simple factor can help deter criminals from paying your home a visit. Something as simple as updating your porch light is a step in the right direction.

One quick way to drastically improve your curb appeal is by adding a new front door. You may find that leaving your old door could actually be costing you money in addition to looking bad.  Over time, the weatherstripping can wear down and actually let air flow freely between the inside and outside of your home. This will result in higher energy bills as your home has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.

If you’re ready for a new door, try going with a bold colour. A statement door, well, makes a statement and lets passersby know that you take pride in the appearance of your home. You can speak to a door specialist about finding the perfect colour door to enhance your home. Whether you go for something subtle or bold, a new door is a quick and easy way to start improving your curb appeal.

Nothing says new like a fresh coat of paint. Another quick and easy way to transform your home’s curb appeal is to fix it up with paint. Think about addressing any chipped areas on or around your home, items like your porch or siding. Chipped paint says you don’t care, a message you want to avoid when putting time and money into your curb appeal. Instead of staring at the chipped paint, have a handyman fix it. While they are at it, they can also sand and stain your porch so it looks new again.

Adding greenery to your front yard landscape not only gives it a lush appearance, but it can also help with your energy bills. How you may ask? By adding trees and shrubs around your lawn, you can protect your home from high winds and provide shade during hot days, ultimately limiting your home’s use of heating and/or air conditioning. Who would have thought adding some plants could impact your home so much? If your yard could use with a little refresh, contact a landscape architect who will be able to best advise you on which plants will look best with your goal of improved curb appeal in mind.

Once your property is covered in beautiful greenery, maintaining your new landscape is essential to improving your overall curb appeal. Regularly mowing your lawn and having your shrubs and bushes trimmed prevents unwanted debris from collecting and keeps your property looking clean. If you do not have the time to regularly maintain your property yourself, lawn maintenance professionals are happy to lend a helping hand.

Making these small investments over time will result in a beautiful home that passersby can’t help but admire. By improving your curb appeal, you will be able to keep your home safe and lower your energy bills all while making your home more beautiful as you go along. When you’re ready to start improving your home, connect with a pro on HomeStars and get started on improving your curb appeal.