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GI air conditioning business swamped with calls

GI air conditioning business swamped with calls

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - While people are looking to cool down from this weather, many of them are running into problems with their air conditioner.

McElroy’s Service Experts who specializes in installing and fixing heating and air conditioners have been swamped with people calling for repairs.

“We are trying to get to as many people as we can,” McElroy’s Service Experts Manager Angie Meyer said. “We are roughly seeing between 20 to 30 different customers throughout the day.”

Danielle Grove from Grand Island had it up to here with her AC unit this week.

“It’s just not working the way it’s supposed to, she told Local4 news. “It constantly runs all day but it’s still really warm in here.”

Grove knew something was off with her AC when she first moved into her home about a year ago but until wasn’t until she saw it leaking when she decided to call McElroys to see what’s up.

“We thought maybe because there was more of an issue going on than we had thought,” Grove said.

Anytime time it’s really hot outside, AC units tend to break down.

It could either be from running low on refrigerant, parts being worn out or just needing a new system overall.

“So if there’s something slightly off. It shows up the days when it’s hottest,” said McElroy’s Service Experts Manager Chad Tibbetts.

It’s been unbearable for Grove without air conditioning.

“It’s uncomfortable not being able to cool off when you come home from work or just being outside for a couple minutes just watering. It’s kind of frustrating,” Grove said.

She’s relieved McElroy’s stopped by, so her and her family can finally escape the heat.

“I’m just excited, just really excited that they’re able to come and hopefully get the problem fixed,” Grove said.

People experiencing problems with their AC can call McElroy’s Service Experts at (308) 382-3300 for repairs.