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How to Beat Extreme Heat - Home Edition

How to Beat Extreme Heat - Home Edition

Extreme heat means you're now ordering iced coffee, and you're no longer cooking on your stove. You can fry that egg right on the pavement. Since heat waves are the leading cause of extreme weather-related deaths in the US and Death Valley hit incredible highs recently, we figured it was a good time to help you stay cool at home when the heat gets too hot to handle. 

Schedule your HVAC or air conditioning unit for service. This will make sure you don't lose precious cold air once the heat arrives. If your area is prone to heat waves or cold spells, add this to your spring and fall home maintenance routine. (This way, you don't lose heat when Jack Frost arrives.) Also, when was the last time you checked your unit's air filters? ...That's what we thought. Your unit's air filters need these replaced or cleaned regularly. Sometimes, it's as frequently as every month or as far out as every year. Most units need their filter(s) replaced or cleaned every three months. Crack open your owner's manual to find out more.

Ceiling fans can make you feel cooler, but they must be rotating counter clockwise to do so. (This directs the air flow at you.) Unfortunately, in extreme heat, fans don't ward off heat-related illnesses. If you feel yourself getting too warm, take a cold bath or shower.

Keep up to date with all weather and utility notifications, either via social media, emails, or websites. These alerts will inform you of government services that can help you beat the heat. If your HVAC system does give out during times of extreme hot air (bummer!), many cities and towns set up cooling stations. Here, you can get a cool drink of water and spend some time in cooler air. Just make sure to keep to the CDC guidelines for social distancing and other pandemic precautions. 

Heat waves also put a strain on power grids, so it's not uncommon to suffer blackouts. Some areas – like California – institute rolling blackouts. This occurs when the supply for power exceeds the demand, and the utility companies voluntarily turn off the power in a specific area to prevent the entire grid from failing. It's important to be ready for a blackout, whether it's scheduled or not. 

A few ways you can be ready for a heat-wave power outage include: Buying a standby generator (to run fans or your AC). Stocking your refrigerator with water bottles and other cool treats. (We recommend mochi.) Filling up large Ziploc bags with water and packing your freezer. (These ice packs keep things cool, and you get fresh drinking water as the ice melts.) Having batteries on hand for flashlights or electric fans. Checking that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are operational and have back-up batteries. Getting a solar charger for your phone. If you have refrigerated medicine, contact your local pharmacy for instructions. If someone within your household has a powered medical device, reach out to your utility company for solutions. 

Contact a lawn design professional to plant a few trees around your property. You'll want to make sure they're far enough away from your home that they won't attack your foundation but close enough that they'll provide shade during hot weather. Their leaves can also help to shade your air conditioner, which should increase its energy efficiency and lower your energy bill.

​Extreme heat does kill bed bugs, but unfortunately, a heat wave will not solve your bed bug problem. The inside of a room must reach approximately 125-130 degrees to kill bed bugs (their internal temperature must be ~113 degrees Fahrenheit) for at least 60 minutes. Unless you are one of the 320 people living in Death Valley, you will need to call a professional to help you get rid of bed bugs. (They'll complete the "heat treatment" for you.)

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