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Evaporator and room control

Last updated: 03-28-2021

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Evaporator and room control

Highlighted products
AK-CC 750
AK-CC 750 is a case/room controller for control up to 4 evaporators in a case line-up or a room. The fully flexible in- and output definition of the controller makes it adaptable to almost any application.
AK-CC 460 Controller for Semi Plugin appliance
Complete refrigeration appliance control for Semi Plug-in refrigeration appliances.
AK-CC55 is designed with user experience in focus, resulting in bigger connectors and AK-CC55 Connect app. The AK-CC55 platform consist of 4 controllers. AK-CC55 Compact is a standard case controller for TXV/EEV. AK-CC55 Single Coil/UI is an advanced case controller for EEV with adaptive algorithms. AK-CC55 Multi Coil is an advanced case controller controlling from 1 to 3 EEV’s in same refrigeration section.
AK-UI55 is the 3 new modern displays, white LED and a grey plastic surface. It is easy to connect to the AK-CC55 platform with RJ12 connectors. AK-UI55 Info only show information. AK-UI55 Set is designed with 4 menu buttons for easy control. AK-UI55 Bluetooth is with built in Bluetooth communication for wireless communication between the display and a smart phone or device through the AK-CC55 Connect app.
AK-CC 210
AK-CC 210 is used for temperature control of refrigeration appliances in supermarkets. Flexibility has been planned for both new installations and for service in the refrigeration trade. Modbus or LON communication for system integration with ADAP-KOOL installations is feasible via optional communication modules.
Related products
AKVP – electric expansion valve for food retail applications
The new and improved AKVP Electric Expansion Valve with future-proof technology takes simplicity and safety to the next level. Together with the intelligent Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® controllers, you get the market’s most energy saving solution.
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Pressure Transmitters
Refrigeration pressure transmitters are used for commercial air-conditioning and for commercial and industrial refrigeration applications. They are made in stainless steel to be compatible with fluorinated and natural refrigerants and laser welding with no soft seals ensure hermetic tightness for decades.
Temperature Sensors for Cooling
Refrigeration temperature sensors are used for applications within air-conditioning as well as commercial and industrial refrigeration applications. The Pt 1000 sensor element meets the DIN/IES 751 class B requirements and ensures an accurate and reliable temperature signal applicable for regulation, safety, and data logging.
Related applications
CO₂ in food retail
Danfoss has pioneered CO₂ refrigeration systems for more than 10 years. Learn more about our CO₂ refrigeration solutions for supermarkets here.
HVAC integration in supermarkets
Align your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, to save money, safeguard stock, and reduce your environmental impact. Integrated solutions unlock the full potential of each application and increases the efficiency of the entire system.
Monitoring and management
Connecting your refrigeration system to the cloud offers a world of possibilities to save money and improve food safety. Remote monitoring and management make it easy to check and triage system alarm.
Semi plug-in system
Danfoss offers highly efficient components optimized for semi plug-in refrigeration systems. The components are designed to provide the lowest total cost of ownership, while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint of your supermarket refrigeration system.
Smart energy
Energy cost is one of the biggest expenses in the daily operation of your supermarkets. Therefore, retailers increasingly look to enhance the energy efficiency within the stores.
Smart store
The Smart Store solution enhances food safety and brings down the energy bill by integrated and smart control of refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and other applications.
The secret behind Danfoss adaptive defrost
Before digging into the secret of Danfoss adaptive defrost, let’s first take a look at the most common methods of defrosting refrigerated display cases, and why they’re necessary.
Managing operational efficiency in food retail – 5 global trends and how to respond
If you work in facilities or energy management for a food retailer, change is something you handle every day. When the way we live, work, or shop changes, new food retail technology is close behind.
Adapting to a changing world for over 30 years: ADAP-KOOL® refrigeration control system
ADAP-KOOL®automatically adapts to changes in the operating environment, delivering optimized refrigeration performance and energy efficiency. They provide advanced algorithms, supervisory control and monitoring.
Selecting the right evaporator injection algorithm makes a world of difference
Danfoss has pioneered two control algorithms that help you to achieve this balance. The Minimum Stable Superheat (MSS) algorithm has been an important part of the Danfoss ADAP-KOOL®;offering for years and is still the ideal choice for adaptive evaporator control for dry expansion. Now Danfoss introduces the next generation: Adaptive Liquid Control (ALC).
Intelligent and adaptive control in transcritical CO₂ refrigeration
Intelligent control solutions are important for achieving reliable, optimized operation and realizing financial savings and environmental benefits in your transcritical CO₂ refrigeration solution.
How smart refrigeration case control makes energy saving simple
As food retailers look to reduce energy bills, every incremental savings counts. Increasing price competition means operating costs have an immediate impact on competitiveness and profitability—and, after staff, energy is the biggest bill most supermarkets have.

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