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BESA Academy launches online F-Gas renewal course - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Last updated: 12-09-2020

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BESA Academy launches online F-Gas renewal course - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

The BESA Academy is expanding its online training services to include an F-Gas renewal course that is expected to be followed by additional competence programmes focused on the handling of flammable refrigerant.

Installers and specialists already certified under F-Gas regulation will be able to update their three-year recertification requirement via the organisation’s academy initiative that was launched earlier this year to provide more flexible CPD and other skills programmes to individuals and employers.

Helen Yeulet, BESA’s director of training and skills, said the course was intended to not only cover the basic competence requirements of the existing F-Gas regulation, but also go beyond with the decision to expand the remit of the course to include use of lower flammability A2L refrigerant.

She said the launch was focused specifically on renewals for individuals that have already undertaken the F-Gas certification process. It can be managed entirely online, or via a blended approach including physical learning at a testing centre.

Any participants will be required to provide evidence of existing training and competence when working within the F-Gas regulation.

Another focus of the recertification scheme is to also upskill individuals around using flammable refrigerant on the market.  BESA noted that F-Gas regulations did carry a requirement for individuals to have a ‘knowledge of alternatives’ when it came to refrigerant, but these alternatives were only vaguely identified in the legislation.

Helen Yeulet said that the inclusion of a flammables focus for the course would future-proof training to meet the changing needs under the regulation.

She said, “It also makes sure that we have consistency in terms of outcome as well.  One of the things we have talked about is covering flammables as an additional module as part of this course, and of course anyone who does it in the meantime will get access afterwards too.”

“But it makes sure that whether you are doing it online or in person, you will get consistent outcomes so you will know what engineers on the programme have undergone.”

BESA also addressed the potential for the online renewal approach to be abused, noting that robust verification and other measures would ensure the veracity of the system.

Ms Yeulet said, “The process still finishes with an assessment under exam conditions even if you are at home – so you need to make sure your environment is set up for that. This will be verified by our proctoring agency before you can sit the exam.”

More information on the course, which was launched in partnership with Mitsubishi Electric, can be found here.

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