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Air-conditioning Systems

Last updated: 01-19-2021

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Air-conditioning Systems

Each achievement contributes to higher performance and enhanced efficiency. Our environmental protection measures are setting standards for eco-conscious products and manufacturing processes. Introduced Japan's first ceiling-mounted, split-type air conditioner Development and sales of duct exhaust fan Introduced industry's thinnest air conditioner (10.9cm) and heat pump (17cm), and energy-efficient inverter drives for Kirigamine air conditioners, received Okochi Memorial Commemoration Prize award for exhaust fan Awarded National Commendation for Invention Prize and Minister of International Trade and Industry Prize, for Lossnay Stated sales of City Multi series, multiple split type packaged air conditioners Introduced Kirigamine inverter-driven air conditioner with wireless remote control and automatic ventilation flaps Introduced Lossnay Ventilation to provide fully integrated air conditioning and ventilation, received Technical Prize from Japanese Association of Refrigeration for City Multi Series R2 Reduced use of special chlorofluorocarbons, introduced industry's first motion sensor for air conditioners (Panorama Eye), received Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, development and sales of High-speed Hand Dryer, surpassed 10 million units of air conditioner production Developed industry-first sensor that detects room occupant movement in order to redirect airflow, installed in Kirigamine air conditioners Introduced Mr.Slim Multi-S, capable of controlling five separate cassettes at once Started sales of City Multi Series ICE-Y, heat staging type multiple split packaged air conditioners, received Technical Prize from Japanese Association of Refrigeration Developed "sensible" air conditioner, Room Conditioner series, after thorough investigation of individual room needs Awarded Energy Conservation Grand Prize and President Prize from Energy Conservation Center, for LX28F Introduced Smoke Dash deodorization and dirt-collect machine for smoking Development and sales of power deodorization cassette type Lossnay Introduction of industry-first multiple-sensor control ("I Feel") to measure quality of the air environment, and introduced the I Feel Kirigamine Introduced Kirigamine series with new mechanism that simplifies cleaning of indoor unit Development and sales of duct exhaust fan with deodorization function Development and sales of world's first air conditioner model equipped with Antioxidation Supplement Air, a feature perfected to curb generation of active oxygen

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