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Frascold steps up support services to address lower-GWP adoption - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Last updated: 11-29-2020

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Frascold steps up support services to address lower-GWP adoption - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Italy-based Frascold has said it has shifted from operating solely as a component manufacturer to increasingly function as a service supplier to address the operational challenges of alternative refrigerant.

The company said that pre-sale and after-sale support were increasingly important parts of its businesses model to ensure more efficient specification and design of its products.  It cited the internal development of new software packages over the last three years that includes a cold room calculator able to simulate cooling load for a specific project as an example of this work.

Frascold has also produced tools to help end users better understand and calculate seasonal performance from CO2 transcritical systems. The software can factor in performance issues in different climate zones around the world to ensure the design of a more efficient, cost-effective system when using its components.

A decision to provide this software as part of a wider service focus by the company is a reflection of  the increasing importance of issues such as safety and efficiency to customers when adopting new types of refrigerant and systems, according to Frascold.

The company said it was now able to supply compressors for higher flammability (A3) and lower flammability (A2L) refrigerant with added design and technical support.

A decision to switch to offering greater support services also reflected a need for greater flexibility when providing products to meet the specific requirements of a wider array of refrigerants on the market, according to the company.

Frascold said, “Currently there is not a magic refrigerant for every application and in order to meet safety and efficiency targets, the key is to choose the most efficient compressor depending on size, working conditions and load needs.”

“We have one of the widest range of compressors in terms of refrigerant availability and most important we are able to provide customers with certifications and technical support in order to make customers comfortable in using new technologies.”

Parts of the company’s focus on research and innovation has included expanding the number of efficiency engineers employed to performed testing and understanding of how to efficiently provide new refrigerant.  Three additional engineers have been taken on by Frascold this year.

The manufacturer said it had also focused on improving compressor design to ensure a more efficient operation, such as by curbing internal friction within the device.  This focus has extended to wider system issues such as reducing oil carry over that can limit the effectiveness of heat exchanges.

Frascold added that it was also working with several universities to assist with the finance of a post-doctoral scholarship programme that can help bring the latest academic research and thinking into industrial processes.

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