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Must-Have Smart Home Products: Smart Thermostats & Sensors for Improved Heating and Cooling

 Must-Have Smart Home Products: Smart Thermostats & Sensors for Improved Heating and Cooling

Today’s HVAC enterprises can always benefit by offering the latest and greatest heating and cooling technology to clients. And with more homeowners making the switch to “smart” HVAC technology as a means of saving money and making their lives easier, it only makes sense that you should be offering the most innovative smart home products, including smart thermostats and sensors.

With products from top brands like Ecobee, Nest, and Carrier®, CE has you covered with all your smart HVAC needs.
Ecobee Smart Thermostats

Ecobee offers a number of smart thermostats and sensors to make homeowners’ lives easier while maintaining a comfortable temperature. The Ecobee Smart Thermostat Pro with Voice Control, for example, is Wi-Fi-enabled and comes with Amazon Alexa compatibility. This makes it an excellent choice for homeowners who want the convenience of adjusting their thermostats without even having to get up out of their seats.

For residential clients who don’t necessarily need a smart thermostat with voice controls, the Ecobee 3 Lite Thermostat Pro Edition is another practical option. This thermostat is also Wi-Fi-enabled and works with compatible room sensors to eliminate unwanted hot and cool spots throughout the home. This thermostat also includes free monthly reports to help clients stay on top of their energy savings, energy usage, and more.
Nest Smart Thermostats

As one of the first “smart” thermostat brands on the market, the Nest Learning Thermostat is always a great product to recommend to residential clients. Specifically, the Third-Generation Nest Learning Thermostat gradually learns preferred temperature settings and creates automatic schedules to suit the needs of the homeowner while saving them money on their energy bills. Meanwhile, the convenient early-on feature monitors local weather and temperature changes and adjusts the thermostat settings, keeping the home comfortable all year round. Every Nest smart thermostat can also be easily connected to a smartphone, tablet or another device for remote controls.

Another Nest smart thermostat to consider for your residential clients is the Nest Thermostat E Pro. This Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat offers the benefits of a traditional smart thermostat and also comes with voice integration through either Google Home or Amazon Alexa.
Carrier® Côr Smart Thermostats

Last but not least, the Carrier Côr 7C Wi-Fi Thermostat is a great choice for homeowners who want it all. This smart thermostat comes with a seven-color fixed segment screen and is compatible with Amazon Alexa. It also comes with easy integration to smartphones, tablets, and other devices through a free app that’s available on iOS and Android devices. It makes maintaining a home’s HVAC system easier on homeowners by offering reminders when air filters, humidifier pads, and UV lamps need to be replaced.
Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

For many homeowners, a smart thermostat is one of the easiest upgrades that can be made to significantly reduce energy usage and cut down on utility costs year-round. In many cases, the cost to have a smart thermostat installed can pay for itself over several months. Many homeowners will also enjoy the added convenience of controlling the thermostat through a smartphone, tablet, or even through voice controls with a supported device.

A smart thermostat can also add potential resale value to a home by showing prospective buyers that the owner has kept the home updated with the latest technology. This is especially true when a smart thermostat upgrade is combined with sensors and other smart gadgets.

At CE, we take pride in carrying the most trusted brands in smart home technology and at competitive prices. From Ecobee and Nest to Carrier® and Honeywell, you’ll find the top brands you’re looking for right here. If you have any questions about any of the products we carry or need assistance placing an order, contact our team today.