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Data centre cooling specialists to go head to head in air vs liquid debate - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Last updated: 10-05-2020

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Data centre cooling specialists to go head to head in air vs liquid debate - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Data centre specialists Airedale International and Asperitas will hold a head to head debate later this month over whether air or liquid-based solutions will be central to the future of the sector.

The two companies will take part in the online discussion from 3pm on Wednesday October 14 to talk about how different technologies can address some of the most pressing environmental and operational issues facing data centre cooling.

Representatives for the two companies will engage in a one on one debate based – perhaps bravely – on the format currently used for the US presidential election campaign. A key point of the discussions will be on the issue of whether air or immersion cooling will dominate a new generation of data centre designs.

A core point of discussion during the session will be the claim that immersion cooling is a more energy efficient technology that will usurp air-based systems as the preferred option for large data centres by the end of the decade.

Matt Evans, technical account manager of UK-based Airedale and Asperitas founder and chief executive Rolf Brink will each take different sides in the discussion. Airedale International marketing manager Darren Farrar said that data centre specialists, much like the cooling sector as a whole, were having to innovate to address issues of performance, as well as energy efficiency.

Mr Farrar said that it was true that liquid cooling technology was emerging as an important technology for data centres, but this did not make air-based solutions redundant.

He added, “As a traditional air-cooled system provider, we might be looking over our shoulder, but we are confident that with continued innovation, we will not be displaced as the technology of choice within most facilities.” Rolf Brink said that there had been a revolution in data centre cooling based on the idea of immersing IT equipment in dielectric fluid. Mr Brink said that these type of solutions would be vital to effectively address the levels of heat generated by high chip density units.

He said, “Immersion cooling enables simplified data centre design and reduces energy costs, so we believe immersion cooling will be the clear winner in this debate.”

Consultants, contractors and other interested parties can sign up to take part in the event at www.airedale.com/coolwars

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