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Ductless VRF Case Study | Heating and Cooling Solutions for Homes

Last updated: 08-24-2020

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Ductless VRF Case Study | Heating and Cooling Solutions for Homes

At CE, we take a lot of pride in helping homeowners and business owners achieve the temperature control and comfort they desire—even when traditional HVAC solutions may not be feasible. When we were approached by Ductworks Heating & A/C Services of Southington to help design a cooling solution for an older home in Branford, we were happy to help. With careful design, ingenuity, and the right equipment, we were able to help the Ductworks team deliver exactly what these homeowners were looking for.

This Branford, CT cape house was built in 1954 by the homeowner’s grandparents. The now-owner and his wife purchased the property from his aunt in 2005 and have lived there since. However, the home has never had air conditioning because there is no existing ductwork. The home also receives oil-based baseboard heat during the frigid winter months.

The cape home’s owners approached Ductworks Heating & A/C Services, looking for a way to add functional air conditioning without adding extensive ductwork or significantly altering the overall appearance of the home itself. The homeowners also requested an alternative heating solution to the home’s older oil-fueled baseboard heating system.

The biggest challenges with this property were the lack of ductwork and the limited space we had to work with. Ultimately, however, we were able to evaluate the property and determine that the best solution for heating and cooling would entail two outdoor units and five indoor units. Collectively, these would serve the entire home, including a basement office space.

For the outdoor units, we recommended a Carrier ductless 3-zone heat pump, Carrier Performance Ductless Heat Pumps, which now provides air conditioning and supplemental heat to the home during the colder months of winter. A second Carrier heat pump was also installed outside to maximize the number of zones and optimize comfort.

On the inside of the home, we utilized a series of five Carrier high wall units that are individual fan coils that mount on the wall near the ceiling. These compact indoor fan coil units take up very little space inside each room and do not obstruct the window view, making it an excellent solution for this home. These ductless split units also feature quiet operation, allowing the homeowners to achieve their ideal temperature in each room without any loud sound interruptions.

The owners of this beautiful 1954 cape house are thrilled with their new heating and cooling system. There was no need to add any ductwork or significantly change the home’s appearance, and these systems can deliver the air conditioning and supplemental heat the homeowners need to stay comfortable all year round. At the same time, the equipment we have chosen is extremely low maintenance and provides total temperature customization within each zone of the home. This entire project was able to be completed within the homeowners’ budget and in a timely manner. CE is happy to have had the opportunity to work alongside the Ductworks Heating & A/C Services team to make this happen!

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