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Ways Your Customers Can Save Energy & Reduce Costs This Summer

Last updated: 08-01-2020

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Ways Your Customers Can Save Energy & Reduce Costs This Summer

The sweltering months of summer are upon us—and HVAC professionals across the country can expect to see an uptick in the number of AC-related service calls. Additionally, clients will be turning to HVAC professionals for advice on how to mitigate their energy bills during these hot months. “What is the recommended thermostat setting for summer?” and “How can I save energy at home?” are just a few of the most common questions you may be asked. Fortunately, you can make a few simple and effective recommendations to help your clients cut down on these costs during the hot summer days.

If you notice that one of your clients is still using an “old-school” dial thermostat, you might suggest upgrading them to a programmable or “smart” Wi-Fi-enabled model. Doing so can help cut down on energy bills by allowing the homeowner to set specific temperature schedules.

For example, the client could set the thermostat a few degrees higher while the entire household is away at work and school during the week. The thermostat can also be programmed to lower the indoor temperature before everybody gets home, saving energy during the day while ensuring that the home is cool and comfortable as members of the household return.

Regular HVAC tune-ups and inspections are important for staying on top of necessary repairs and prolonging the life of an AC system. Having this equipment serviced regularly can also help the home’s heating and cooling systems run more efficiently, thus saving clients money.

Even an energy-efficient air conditioning unit will have a hard time keeping up if the home itself is poorly insulated. This is an especially common issue in older homes, but newer homes can be poorly insulated, too. Even in situations where the home’s walls are well insulated, a lack of insulation inside an attached garage or a lack of insulated ductwork can result in a lot of energy loss. If you notice exposed ductwork or missing insulation, you might recommend having insulation installed as a means of cutting down on energy bills, not just during the summer months, but all year round.

The Department of Energy estimates that homeowners can save up to 10% on their energy bills by simply increasing the temperature on their thermostats 7-10 degrees from the normal setting. While a client who typically has their thermostat set to 68 degrees is most likely not going to be comfortable with increasing the indoor temperature to 78 degrees, even adjusting the thermostat a couple of degrees can make a noticeable difference in a home’s energy bills.

Even clients who are pretty set in their ways may be willing to increase their temperatures by a couple of degrees overnight while they sleep, especially if they knew that doing so could save them a nice chunk of change on their energy bills.

When it does come time for a new air conditioning system, encourage clients to pick one that’s energy efficient. For example, the Carrier Infinity System line and Bryant’s Evolution Extreme System line offer a quieter, more customer-friendly way to maintain temperatures at home while reducing carbon footprint. At the very least, choosing one of these energy-efficient air conditioning systems can give homeowners peace of mind that they’re doing what they can to cut down on energy usage, help the environment, and save money on their utility bills in the process.

There are many ways your customers can reduce energy usage and save on their bills, especially during the summer. These are just a few recommendations you can make as your clients’ trusted HVAC professional! For more information on energy efficiency or how to help your clients with their air conditioning systems, contact our team at CE today.

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